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Cleveland maybe? #tbt


We moved so much when I was a kid and few of the photos are identified, but I think I've straightened out the Christmas timelines -- and this is Cleveland! I'm pretty sure...

Cleveland! My first bike, Karen's Charmin' Chatty, Michael's Mr. Machine, for some reason "Thumbelina" comes to mind when I see the doll that Sharon's holding -- Madame Alexander, maybe.

Some of those ornaments are hanging on my tree! The gold glitter balls, and the striped one just to the right of Sharon.

Q is for...

Wow. What a week of get-togethers! A knitting group on Tuesday, book club on Wednesday, the last Thursday knit night before Christmas tonight, an anticipatory solstice gathering on Friday... thank goodness for a fairly normal day off yesterday!

Next week, there's only one extra-curricular holiday gathering.

We still haven't firmed up the Christmas Eve menu. What are you having?

Obviously, I've things to do, but I'm hanging in there, how about you??




I won't be finishing the knitting I had hoped to finish but other than that it's all good. Christmas Eve around here means Swedish meatballs, ham and baked beans. Oh, and finger sandwiches.


Sunday I plan to celebrate the return of the light and maybe a nice Christmas Eve dinner, but other than that, it's quiet around here. Love your ornaments, as they remind me of many on my Mom's tree.


Passed down ornaments are the best - especially when you have photos of them then and now!

I'm still working on all the menus for next week; pretty much up in the air right now, but it's still five days away, right? ;-)

Kim Dean

Wow --- pull-string dolls. We'd play with them until 1) the string wouldn't go back into the doll, or 2) what she was saying was completely garbled.

Steph VW

My tree is almost entirely passed down ornaments from my childhood. Many of them were made by my aunt. I love them so much.


We will be having a a traditional Christmas Eve dinner of enchiladas :-)


There are several ornaments on my tree that are so meaningful too. My m-I-l throws the Christmas Eve bash but I think at 89 she's about done - especially as the crowd has grown so. We'll have lasagna and chicken and biscuits!


What a fun pic of you & sibs under the tree with toys. Looks like you're all close in age too! My friend had a Chatty Cathy & yes, the speech would garble after awhile.

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