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#tbt Santa Claus


This is the earliest photo I've found of me and the "jolly" old guy. It's a wonder I ever went back. #notjolly

(St. Louis? or maybe Denver. Do I look 2 or 3?)


I am wearing a knit hat -- and I know just the one! It's from "The Beginner's Book and the A-B-C's of Knitting by Bernat." I think I still have a copy. Sharon & Karen's jackets were red and purple.


Knee socks! Same Santa. I love how lightly he's holding Sharon's arm, but has a very sure grip on Michael! I'm sure we were at H.C. Prange Co. in Appleton. Loved that store, especially at Christmas, especially then... when I was a kid.




I noticed Santa's grip on Michael, too! And his jacket is priceless!


How fun to see you change through the years.


I think I have that Bernat book...but I never knit the hat - darn!

great photos...I love #TBT!


Great photo. I love the dresses your sisters are wearing and your hair is fabulous!

kathy b

My mom often put my sister and I in matching Sears dresses. I had the same bangs back then too

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