December crazies
Year in Review: 2014

'Tis the season


#tbt First Christmas Tree!

It was in an apartment in Milwaukee, and I was 7 weeks old on Christmas Day! All of the ornaments were blue, and a few of the survivors were hung on my own tree last night.

I'm thinking that this was the following year...


#tbt Snowsuit & Mittens!

...because I know that this was the year after that, when I was 2, and I detect bangs... barely, though, because the photo is so badly deteriorated. Maybe I just *know* that I had bangs then. Heh.


#tbt Red & White!

I tuned in a Christmas playlist on Spotify and put the 2 new strings of lights on the tree last night, and that was all it took to get Katie in on it! She hauled the decorations from the upstairs closet and we got busy trimming. The girls' boxes of ornaments await them!


Ooops! I just remembered that St. Nick comes tonight. Yes, he still comes to our house!




Actually, St. Nick's Day is the 6th so you have another day to get ready. Pretty tree!


Is it just me or do I see Junah in that photo from when you were 2?


Your first Christmas tree is so sweet and I think I spy some of the surviving blue ornaments on your lovely tree. You were quite the cutie pie! I was just thinking that I needed mitten clips because I don't want to lose my warm alpaca gloves.


Yes, Carole is right! You were very cute and Junah does favor you. The tree is so festive and it must bring much light and joy to your home!


So beautiful!


My parents also had a white/silver tree with blue ball ornaments when they were first married and when I was a baby. (Must've been the rage. . .) My mom and dad still have a few of those early ornaments. They are so precious now -- although my mom claims they were incredibly cheap and readily available! Your tree is lovely!


what great #tbt's - I was looking back at my first christmas photos yesterday thinking that this is Charlie's first Christmas (Junah's too!). Your tree is gorgeous!


What a beautiful tree you have!

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