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Change of plan

It began with a desire to get away to someplace warm this winter. It was two years ago that I went to Brazil in January and I have not forgotten how good that felt. Good and fun and oh, so warm.


I realized that we'll be celebrating 30 years of marriage this month... how in the hell did that happen? And, it got me thinking...

The traditional and modern gifts for a 30th anniversary are pearls and diamonds. I already have a pearl in my wedding ring (from a ring that was my mother-in-law's), and I can count on about one finger the times in the past 30 years that I've wished I had a diamond. There must be another way...

"Diamond Head" came to mind and fits right in with the "experiences, not things" philosophy that I love more and more! It's unisex, one-size-fits-all, and HAWAII... so warm.

Pretty much decided on Maui, with a trip over to Oahu to visit Diamond Head, we could easily have booked an all-inclusive package and be done, but that's not how we roll 'round here. Personally, I can see the advantage of an all-inclusive resort, but it is so NOT Rusty! It wasn't coming together very well, and it was adding up!

Where else could we go?

Mexico had been on the table all along -- Rusty's especially wanted to visit Baja. Plus, it turns out that he'd already visited Maui -- the exact location I was looking at -- on his first-marriage honeymoon. And, well, NO... not this time, anyway.


We'll spend a week at Todos Santos. Flight - check! Car - check! House near the beach - check! And, man, what a nice, l-o-o-o-o-o-ng beach. Perfect.

I was able to book our flights with miles (thank you Brazil, Scotland, and L.A.), which leaves almost all of the budget for lodging and doing... though I'm leaning way toward not much. So excited.

I haven't found the "diamond" angle yet, but we'll get creative!




The light off the water will sparkle like diamonds, just a thought.


Nice! I try to follow the "it's better to do than to have" myself.


If you must have diamonds, pack a deck of cards. ;^) We have become much more about experiences than 'stuff' over the last few years. I'll await the Mexico report and keep my HI thoughts to myself. Plus they are having unseasonably cold weather in HI, so not this time, eh?


Oh, January warm! You know I'm partial to Hawaii, but I'd go to Mexico in a heartbeat, too. Happy anniversary to you both!


all that warm sunshine...and a beach. it sounds lovely! happy anniversary!!

Steph VW

I LOVE Mexico. I've been twice - once at a resort and once at a rental cottage. It's beautiful and wonderful and just so lovely. I've only been on the Gulf side, though, (on the hotel strip near Playa del Carmen and Tulum, respectively), so Baja is intriguing. I can hardly wait for your photos!

I'm sure the sea will sparkle like diamonds for you.

Happy 30th!


Warmth in the depths of winter is wonderful to look forward to and so much better than diamonds! Happy 30th!


So much fun! And Happy 30th to you!


How exciting! Happy anniversary ... and have a great trip!


Your trip sounds wonderful! You can draw diamonds in the sand and if/when they wash away with the tide you can draw them again the next day and the next. That way you have lots and lots of diamonds to forever remember.


I hope you and Rusty love Mexico as much as Dale and I do. That all inclusive stuff is okay but it's not how we roll either.


I'm sure there is a baseball diamond somewhere in Mexico! Enjoy!

gale zucker (she shoots sheep shots)

This sounds so good. SO GOOD!Knit a shawl with diamond motif to wear in the evening while drinking sangria on the beach?

Barbara S

The diamond is the two of you that came together to sparkle in this marriage. This vacation can be a chance to explore the individual facets of each other...what attracted you to each other...maybe even explore a few new facets you hadn't really noticed ;) Shine on!

(seems I got a little philosophical there; got up early and haven't had my tea yet. have a great trip)


Todos Santos is lovely. I live part-time in Cabo San Lucas and just love the whole area. Make sure you take plenty of yarn if you plan to do any knitting. There's only two places that sell yarn and it's only a couple things of acrylic.


It's going to be fabulous. Just fabulous.

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