Never give up

Going off the Deep End

I've finished the knitting and have begun assembly of the 10-year-old knitting project that I recently mentioned. I did about half the sewing up at Knit Night last night, and ought to be finished within a day or two! I'm so excited to finish.

Next up will be Deep End by Heidi Kirrmaier, and I'm diving deep into the stash trying to find a 6-color combo that I like.

Here's everything I have on the table (ha ha) for consideration.


I'm going to play around with this blue-sy (water/sand) combo in the middle left a bit more.


Close up!

That's an actual piece of knitting on the far right that I am fully prepared to frog because the project is never going to be finished... and that color totally "goes." Some of these are my own hand-dyed, including some of the natural dyeing I did last fall. The variegated blue/green/teal is the Madelinetosh exclusive for The Village Knitter called Great South Babes.

I'm also leaning toward some purples with this gorgeous Lisa Souza green that I've been dyeing to use.


POP! (Though there's not much contrast between the purples)

Otherwise, I'm leaning toward neutrals.

15663788833_5c1e02dd6e_o (1)

Various shades of gray... brown, black, and white.

Or, maybe I should throw one of these into the mix and see what happens:


Decisions, decisions.


This one has sparkles!

Decisions will be made because casting on happens Monday! I'm predisposed to loving this shawl and there is already precedent to knitting the same thing twice or thrice, so I'm not stressing too much.

My day started out on the lousy side, but it's already improving:

  • It's Friday!
  • There's a big football game on Sunday! (Two of them, actually.) (Go Packers & Pats!)
  • Vacation is fast approaching...
  • And this morning I made reservations for a whale watching trip. That's one of two things we have scheduled for the week, and both toward the end; otherwise it goes something like this: BEACH, RELAX, BEACH, RELAX, BEACH, BEACH, RELAX... with nourishment and refreshment as needed and/or desired.






Wow! There's a whole lot of great color combos to be considered! Purple with the green would be awesome, but...
16 days and you'll be on a beach!? So lucky.


That's the perfect kind of vacation right there. And yes, Go Pats and Go Packers!


I love that green pop with the purples, but I don't think there's enough contrast among the purples, otherwise. If you're taking votes, I think the Great South Babes grouping would be fabulous for knitting Deep End on a beach!


FUN on all fronts! I'd love to see you use one of those skeins inspired by the watercolor...or one from that ill-fated project - both seem like they'd be good mojo!


Oh, I'm really liking this Deep End pattern - as I go thru my stash this year & decide what I'm keeping & what should go to others who can use it, I have a feeling I could find 6 skeins to merge into this design.

I've got the knitting ready for the game this afternoon. I wore my "Simply Green & Gold" shawlette in your yarn to the office on Friday. :)

Love your word for the year! I look forward to seeing how all our words unfold for us.

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