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Happy Birthday Mom

I filled many a notebook when I was in high school with copied Rod McKuen poems. I could not get enough!

His recordings? I was not a fan.

RIP Rod McKuen, 4/29/1933 - 1/29/2015

I particularly dislike hate this song (no matter who "sings" it). But I love it, too, because it's so full of memories and reminders.

My mother played this album nonstop for a while. Nonstop.

It was pure torture.

"Seasons In The Sun" was on the list of songs suggested for the playlist at Mom's memorial, but (truth be told) I was so happy that I couldn't find it.

(I may not have made every effort to find it.) 

But I love it. And I love you, Mom. Always.


Happy Birthday. And Happy Anniversary, too.

I miss you.




Anniversaries like this are so bittersweet. I hope you find peace in happy memories of your mom today.


*hugs* (and ugh, now I've got that song running through my brain!!)

Janet Carroll

Peace to you at a difficult marker in your life.

I, too, remember loving Rod McKuen, and somehow I had thought him dead for several years. My favorite recording was The Sea, but I agree that his readings of his poems weren't always as good as just reading them myself.


Your love for your mother has grown over the last year. Anniversaries like this are difficult, but also joyous in the remembering. xox


I hope happy memories of your mom bring you comfort, peace, and love.


Terry Jacks covered that song, didn't he? "We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun..."



XOXOXO to you, Vicki. What a lovely tribute.

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