Change of plan


Ten on Tuesday:  10 Intentions for 2015

I'm having a hard time thinking about anything more than what's in front of me this year. Junah's 1st (!) birthday party at my house on Saturday, a Packer game on Sunday, hopefully another a week after that, my sister's 50th (!) birthday soon, my mother's birthday/anniversary at the end of the month, vacation, the adventure of possibly trying to find a place to watch the Super Bowl... in Mexico!

A month out is about as far as I'm willing to go.

This year, I'm all about recovery. I don't have a word. I don't really even want to think too hard... about anything... not words, not intentions, not goals, not dinner.

Live and let live. Knit and let knit. Or sew. Take it as it comes. Roll with the punches.

Enjoy my family.

In lieu of 10 Intentions, here are some messages I've jotted down on sticky notes over the years and have posted around my work area... they're all intentional; designed to help us be better.

* * * * *

Intensity : Say Yes

Inclusion : Be Generous

Integrity : Speak Up

Intimacy : Love More

Intuition : Trust Yourself

Intention : Slow Down


* * * * *

Something to do

Something to love

Something to hope for


* * * * *

Time only seems to matter when it's running out.


* * * * *

It's the time you have, not the time you want.


* * * * *



Junah one! How marvelous! You know what's important and how to make things happen. I see a great month in front of you.


How can that wonderful grandson of yours be one already?! I think your month, mindset, and sticky note messages are perfect. I also think that not thinking about dinner would make me happier and my life much easier! Here's to a year of recovery.


I think this is perfect for you right now.


Perfect. Thanks!


Lovely, Vicki. Lovely and perfect. Here's to a nice, plain old, boring 2015. (And I mean that in the best possible way.) XO


I think you're being very wise about this year... and your January sounds like a blast! Elizabeth Gilbert (author of Eat Pray Love) says the key is to Make Plans and Take Lots of Pictures. Happy 2015!


Lovely words to focus on as you start your year, Vicki!


Perfect. Enjoy everything.


I love your thought process! And what can we do about that dinner thing? (Damn, it happens every day!)

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