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  • Project:  Tasha by Leigh Spencer (at knitty.com, Summer 2003)
  • Yarn:  Aunt Lydia's Denim Quick Crochet
  • Needle:  US 6
  • Started:  June 4, 2004
  • Finished:  January 16, 2015

Through the magic of blogging, I know exactly when I started knitting this bag -- it was well before the dawn of Ravelry!

A WIP for 10.5 years, it's finally finished, and I couldn't be happier.

I have run across this WIP many times (whenever I'd "organize") in the past 10 years; I've ripped out or even thrown away other projects, but always spared Tasha. I really liked that project and wanted to finish... eventually! All the pieces were knit except for the strap, and I was about half-way on that piece.

This year, it's as much about what's taking up space as it is about anything else, and I didn't want this project taking up space anymore.

Also, wouldn't it be perfect for Mexico???

It slid right into the #1 spot in the rotation. I finished the knitting, washed and dried all the pieces. I did about half the sewing up at Knit Night on Thursday, the remainder on Friday evening at home.

And now I have a "new," perfect little bag to take on vacation. Just right for my wallet, sunglasses, keys. Serendipity at work.




it looks great, perfect for Mexico...


Hooray for finished projects!


Tasha looks great and was well worth saving to finish at just the right time for Mexico!


Yes! I knew you would get to Tasha. She came to the surface at the perfect time!


I LOVE that cabled strap - and yeah, perfect for Mexico! (also YAY!! for one less WIP...turned into an FO!)

gale zucker (she shoots sheep shots)

A classic ! It must feel great to have that one done and ready to travel.


Talk about two birds with one bag! And it's perfect for Mexico.


Hooray, and congratulations! That is a very fine looking bag. Gotta love how blogging and Ravelry keeps us honest! I'm still working on my 2013 sweater...except I have two other things going. One is a deadline surprise. (I forgot to do it, and now it's down to the wire.) And the other is one last sample before a new pattern is released. Hurry, hurry, hurry!


Love! That strap is gorgeous. And what memories you and your bag will make!


Hurrah for you! That bag will be perfect.

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