Going off the Deep End


1space noun

: the amount of an area, room, surface, etc., that is empty or available for use

: an area that is used or available for a specific purpose

: an empty area between things


2space verb

: to place or arrange (things) so that there is a particular amount of space between them

: to separate (things) by particular periods of time


Those are the simplest definitions of the word SPACE according to Merriam-Webster.

I have a full year to explore the full definitions and to see how I spin it... or it spins me.

I wasn't intending to choose One Little Word -- it just seemed like way more thinking than I'm willing to do right now just to come up with One -- but this one fell into my lap in short correspondence with Kym the other day, and it stayed there.


Pillars of Creation wtrclr

Pillars of Creation, Watercolor by Lee Mothes (with the artist's permission)


Stay tuned.




Love it!
(Please note that I am leaving lots of space in this comment....)


Kym is pretty darn good at finding OLWs for people, and space sounds especially interesting!


Isn't it great how a word can just choose YOU whether you're ready or not? I look forward to seeing how this works for you.


Great word! Mine is EMBRACE.


This word sounds not only an interesting choice, but a perfect choice.


so fabulous...and a resident artist to boot! clearly this is THE word for you. can't wait to see what it brings and where it takes you.

Kim Dean



This is the MOST perfect word for you! I can't wait to follow along! (I've been busy making some SPACE myself this afternoon.)

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