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Ten (x 3 = 30) on Tuesday: A Wedding Anniversary

This week's Ten on Tuesday topic is:

10 Things I'm Happy About Right Now

I'm going to riff on that today because it's our 30th wedding anniversary.
{{{ 30 Years! (?) }}}


30 Things for 30 Years!

  1. We met through work -- the company Rusty worked for was a customer of the company I worked for.
  2. Our first date was about 3 weeks before my birthday.
  3. At the time, I was thinking of moving back to Wisconsin from Oregon.
  4. He was interesting enough to reconsider that thought.
  5. We went out to dinner at the Lake Lytle Restaurant on our first date and then took a walk on a wide, low-tide beach at Rockaway (memorable because it was beautiful, and also because I wasn't wearing appropriate footwear for beach-walking).
  6. He gave me a small jade plant for that birthday. Perfect!
  7. We cooked (both together and for each other) and played a lot of Scrabble back in the (early) day(s) at my apartment.
  8. And we got hooked on watching Reilly: Ace of Spies on Mystery and had a standing date at his house.
  9. When we'd hang out, he'd paint or draw while I knit.
  10. I enjoyed sitting out in the sun room/patio watching Rusty build a porch.
  11. Then I offered to help.
  12. We finished his house at Cape Kiwanda together.
  13. And expanded it with an addition.
  14. We got married at that house... 30 years ago.
  15. The stage was set for many years of home improvement.
  16. I'm good at demo.
  17. He's good at finishing.
  18. We're a pretty good team.
  19. There's an 11-year difference in our ages.
  20. Rusty never thought he'd have kids.
  21. Surprise! We have three amazing daughters!!
  22. And we're grandparents too!
  23. We've always given each other space.
  24. He does his thing.
  25. I do my thing.
  26. We do our thing.
  27. It works -- sometimes better than others. These 30 years have had the highs and the lows.
  28. Lately, we seem to be travelling more -- separately and together.
  29. We used to take impromptu trips -- just get in the car and go! One memorable trip was to Seaview, WA, though we didn't know that's where we were headed when we started out. We stayed at The Shelburne Inn and loved the whole area so much we went back a time or two.
  30. Our upcoming trip to Mexico is the first since we were married that we're not going with someone, or meeting up with anyone -- there's not so much as a "stopping by" to visit anyone we know. From the time we get on the plane in Green Bay until we step back off a week later, it's just us and a new adventure!!






What a love story! Now that is something to be happy about <3


Happy Anniversary! That's a really lovely list detailing your courtship and life together, and I wish you many more happy things over the next 30 years.


That is the BEST happy list of all! After 30 years together there is still much to discover. You will have many more amazing years together! Here's to you two!!


I'm glad you expanded your list this week! Here's to many more years together!


There is a LOT to be happy about in this post!


Happy 30th Anniversary! I love your list!


30 Years together and still Happy! That is certainly something to be happy about. Thanks for sharing. Happy Tuesday


Happy Anniversary and I'm smiling ear to ear for you! Your trip is going to be so fun. We did 10 days together for our 25th and it was the best. Congratulations!


Happy Anniversary!
Have a most wonderful trip and enjoy your adventure together.


Wonderful list! A very Happy Anniversary to you both!

Michelle B.

Congratulations to you both! 30 years is quite the accomplishment! Happy anniversary!

julie white

Happy Anniversary!!

Julia in KW

Happy Anniversary Vicki! This year is my husband and my 30th wedding anniversary, too and we are in the process of planning a trip also - I said I wanted something more memorable so we're working on it...and you don't get to 30 years without highs and's just an awesome roller coaster! all the very best and here's to many many more...cheers!

Vivian K Watson

Congratulations. We just celebrated 20. (We got a late start together, as it is the second time around for each of us.) Definitely on an easier plane now than earlier in our life together. We did do a vow renewal, which was just as beautiful and meaningful as the first "I do." Enjoy your time together on the trip.


Ah, congratulations!! it takes so much to make a marriage...and 30 years is definitely a HUGE celebration! have fun!!!


Happy anniversary, and congratulations! 30 is a milestone.

I don't know if I knew that you had lived over this way. Lake Lytle! We have Crafty Moms weekend at Rockaway every year in the late winter/early spring.

Enjoy your time in Mexico!


(How I missed this post earlier this week I cannot imagine!)

What a perfect, perfect way to acknowledge and honor your 30 years together. Happy anniversary -- all year long! XOXOXO

gale zucker (she shoots sheep shots)

awww! Happy anniversary!

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