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An email from July 2004:

Congratulations! You've been admitted to the Knitting Bloggers' Web Ring!

* * * * *

In the interest of actually being able to do some work, I've been spending some time over the past couple of months trying to clean up and organize my workroom! I've organized, I've purged, I've replaced old inefficient furniture with more practical shelving.

It was a pretty big disaster, not helped in the least by the holidays. Also, I may have too many interests... knitting, dyeing, photography, sewing... not to mention that I'm the defacto family historian/genealogist. Yarn, needles, magazines, books, dye, kettles, tubs, measuring & stirring tools, cameras, lenses, flashes, reflectors, props, sewing machine, fabric, thread, cases, bags, and totes.

I've made progress, but it's slow; and there eventually comes the point when I hit the wall. WHAT NEXT?

I was at that point yesterday when Katie walked in the back door. I asked her to come in and see my progress, "Look! You can even see the sewing machine."

It took her a few seconds, "Where??" And I had to direct her gaze. *sigh*

"Would you like me to help you for a little while?"

Um. YEAH! We discussed an overall plan and then set to work.

I'll tell you what, people. If you're having a hard time cleaning things out -- deciding what's worthy of keeping, etc. -- invite someone to help you. The answer you give when you ask yourself whether to keep something is completely different than when you're asked by someone else!!

One small victory: the Rubbermaid "tote full of totes" is no longer a thing! There are a few remaining, but only the ones I use or really want!

I'm not sure which pile o' papers gave up the blog ring email; I don't recall ever making a conscious decision to keep it, but obviously neither had I made a decision to toss it.

Anyway, progress made... GREAT progress, yesterday!

* * * * *

I've finished a few knitting projects for & since the holidays -- a couple of caps for Rusty, another hoodie for Junah (no photos of that one yet).


Rib-A-Roni x2! Rav'd: v.1 and v.2. I used some tweedy Plymouth Galway Worsted that I've had hanging around for years.

Continuing with the "clean up" attitude, I've pulled an old WIP off the shelf to finish:


It's the Lokken Kerchief from Knitscene Accessories 2012 that I started it on June 23, 2012. The pattern was separated from the knitting, so I had to track it down, but I'd purchased the electronic version of that publication from Interweave and it was easy to download it again! I've figured out my place and finished the actual knitting; now comes the tedious process of fringe.

I will not lose focus!




Ah, the long defunct Knit Blogger Ring. We could cruise through the whole list back then and, now that our numbers dwindle, we probably still could. You're going to love having a whole new space to call your own.


Having help to decide what is no longer necessary is key, I got rid of a ton of magazines in my cleanout before my new puppy arrived after Christmas. It was hard to let go at first, but once I started it got easier. I remember the old blogger ring, it was such fun to scroll through. Its nice my blog read list is shorter now, and I am glad you are still blogging....Sharon


I remember the good ole days of the Knitblogger Ring! I try and help Dale with organizing and purging but it doesn't always, ummm, go so well.


That was a blast from the past. Congrats on unearthing the important things and tossing the unimportant.

Julia in KW

Fringe...yikes! (that is when I would be asking myself "do I 'really' want fringe on this scarf/shawl/thing-a-ma-bob?") Congrats on the purging/re-org. I have tackled my closet and a room in the basement...i still need to deal with the stash room! ;)


You and I seem to have the same bug -- I write about it in the Ten on Tuesday post this week. I just looked up that pattern on Ravelry. It is fabulous! Another thing to knit... someday.


Yay for fresh space to start off a new year! and for finished and nearly finished knits (my recipe for fringe involves a favorite movie - so I don't have to watch and if I miss a line or two it doesn't matter - and a cocktail - I'm not sure I should recommend it, but it works! good luck!!) p.s. slightly jealous of y'all who were part of the knit blogging world 11 years ago. I didn't even know about blogs until 2006....


I'm in that ring, and still blogging, but I know a lot of people who aren't. The times, they are a-changin'!


The knitbloggers ring! I had the link up on my blog for a long time, way past the time when the links on either side of mine were broken.

I've been purging here, too, and am in the process of shredding old receipts and statements. My primary focus was my laundry room ... "There's more than one way to move in here now!" (quote from Eldest after his return from Brno)

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