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Ten on Tuesday: Foot f*tish


Weekending: A great weekend, full of family and fun! They should all be so good.

I met Ann & Brian, all four of their boys, and Joe for a lovely birthday dinner for Annie at Carmella's, one of the nicest restaurants in our area. Most of us shifted seats between the appetizer and the main course, so a good amount of visiting and catching up was accomplished, and a very good time was had by all.


I babysat Junah afterwards so Ali could go out to celebrate her friend Abbey's birthday! He was sleeping when I arrived, but roused a bit for a bottle and then we had a wonderful snuggle and snooze together on the couch.

The Best Of Times.


The main event of the weekend was Annie's birthday brunch, which she prepared and served herself -- it is one of her favorite things in the world to do!! A lovely baked egg dish, delicious whole grain pancakes and waffles served with syrup, fresh whipped cream, fruit and nuts. Yum.


On Saturday afternoon, she wanted me to go with her to the mall -- stops at Williams Sonoma, a chair massage, and the Fox River Brewing Co. were on the list.

Afterwards, we met the boys for a quick bite to eat before heading to see Paddington! I wasn't going to go, at first, but Mack was very persuasive... he's almost 10 and I figured that if he wants me to go, I should go; things might be very different in a few years! I enjoyed the movie more than I thought I would, and the boys LOVED it.


On Sunday, it was the RV & Camping Show on Sunday morning! Rusty & Rod wanted some ideas for a project that they're considering; Kate, Ali & I went along for grins. This event has always been my earliest herald of spring, but it's the first time I've ever gone.

Wow, people. These are not your parents' campers! Camping is not my thing, and these mobile party modules haven't really swayed me, but... impressive.

The rest of Sunday was mine and I spent quite a bit of it knitting. Deep End has been my exclusive project since casting on, and it looks like it'll be done in time to take/wear on vacation. Yay! Pardon the last photo (late-night lamp light), I was so excited about the color pop of Stripe 5! That's a shorty, and Stripe 6 is even shorter... it's possible I'll cast off at Knit Night tomorrow!

6 Days.




Sounds like a wonderful weekend and Mexico sure sounds better than the North East right now!


I am in awe that anyone would want to cook for a crowd on their own birthday! Love the colors of your Deep End, which are perfect for a beach vacation. The word camping seems a little inappropriate for a a "mobile party module".


Those rolling castles on wheels cost 3x as much as our first house! That's why we have a mini-mini-motorhome, vintage 1988 ;-)


I am not the camping type either. . . but some of those "campers" are like little mansions-on-wheels! AMAZING! I love your Deep End. (Hoping to jump right in to my own Deep End tonight!)


what a wonderful mix of family, friends, food and FUN! (and knitting - that shawl is going to look just like the ocean...perfect for your trip!)

Kim Dean

Remarkable color(s) choice for Deep End!

gale zucker (she shoots sheep shots)

This all sounds perfect, and knowing that you are going somewhere warm must be a good way to get through the cold. I am usually Ok about winter but I just can't get into embracing it this year. Love that Deep End!

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