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Faked out

'Tis the season.

Rusty took my car in for an oil change yesterday morning.

It was a beautiful (for February) sunny day, so when they called to say it was ready, I thought "Why not walk?" It's less than a half-mile.

Well, most of that half-mile was into the wind and my face nearly froze off.

Turns out, it was -3F -- feeling far colder when factoring in the windchill!

I never even thought to check the temp. It looked nice outside!

This morning it was -12F when I was getting ready for work... and is still below zero at nearly 11 a.m.

I'm not even walking out to the mailbox today.

Hint of green




Steph VW

-12F = -24C.

Oh crap, that's cold for a long walk. That's the same temp it was here with the windchill.


That's just unimaginable. It's hard for me to even think winter. Please, whatever you do, don't look at the temperature in SLC today.


We've had some of those bitter cold windchills here, too, and it just plain sucks. This morning I went out and thought, gee, this isn't bad. It was 15°. Just goes to show how cold it's been if THAT feels not bad.


Here in Toronto it was colder today than it was in the Arctic region we just returned from, how is that possible?


It was cold in Atlanta today (even by your standards :-) and I was glad I "trained" for it last weekend. Holly needed to go out four times. ...and sadly, I had to go with her!


It's so deceiving . . . when the sun is shining! How can the sun be shining AND have sub-zero temperatures???? Such winter trickery!


My face is feeling a bit frozen just thinking about that walk, but your lovely lilac photo gives me hope!


Note to self: check the thermometer before setting out. Sunny days in midwinter can be deceptive!


Snowing here! I sent Dan that shot of the range. :-)

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