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Diamonds & Pearls

FO: Deep End The First



I love this shawl, and wear it most often as a scarf! It was perfect for traveling and perfect for Mexico!

I've started another for Alison in almost all the same colors -- I've switched out (and began with) another of my Make.Do hand-dyes in place of the very similar Eden Cottage, followed by the Great South Babes (which is where I am in the project right now); I'll probably follow that with the Undyed, the Celeste Polvere, then a slash of RED, and probably another Undyed (or maybe one of the bolder colors) to finish.

Or who knows!?


Details and a few more photos are on the Ravelry project page.

Did I mention that I love it?

Photos were taken by Rusty at Casa de Piedra, Las Tunas, Baja California Sur, Mexico. This is the home we stayed in for our week's vacation, booked via airbnb. (You may click that link to sign up and receive a $25 credit, if you're so inclined; I'll also get a credit if/when you book or host).

This was my third airbnb experience: the first was an adorable 2BR walk-up in Glasgow, second was a cute little A-frame in Door County for a cycling weekend. I'm sure there are some not-so-great experiences, but I don't even look at a listing that doesn't have at least one recent review or have a known connection to the owner.

We stayed 7 nights in Mexico at $200 night (including all fees) -- the entire gorgeous home (inside & out) to ourselves for less than a "deluxe suite with garden view" at a nice hotel in the area -- and we had spectacular views of the ocean, the desert, the mountains, the pool, and the garden. 5 Stars!!

It was SO hard to leave...




Sounds perfect and your shawl is gorgeous!


That's the sign of a good knit: You want to do it again! Also the sign of a good vacation...


I love your choice of colors for Deep End and Rusty's choice of background for your modeling shot. They're both really lovely!


If I ever go on vacation I'll have you help me book my stay! The place looks fabulous. Your shawl and the color choices you made are fabulous, too. Nice work all around!


So glad you got in your 'moment in the sun' trip. And you look every bit the world traveler in your saucy new scarf. Although I find it hard to imagine needing it in Mexico having only been there in August!


I just adore your version!


Now that sounds like a perfect vacation! What a wonderful get-away for y'all!

I love your Deep End -- just gorgeous. I'm still plugging away at my own Deep End the First, but I can already tell there will be more Deep Ends to come! (Just so much fun to play with the colors. . .)


That looks like a lovely pattern to use up lots of sock yarns. I like the colors you chose!

I'm sort of done with staying in big fancy resorts when we travel. Our last trip to Mexico was a B&B, it was more like having friends on the ocean with a million dollar home. And cheap. We sort of joked that we couldn't stay home for that price.


It is so great to have a loved scarf and a pattern you want to knit again. Love it! What a fabulous vacation!


Your accommodations look and sound marvelous - and I love the FO - shawls worn as scarves get lots of use around here!


Your shawl is beautiful Vicki! I lived vicariously through your lovely vacation!


So glad you had such a lovely time in Mexico. Gorgeous Deep End and it encompasses all of the colors on your vacation- the sea, water from whale blowholes and sunsets. Thanks for the full view of the shawl laid out and the order of your colors. I may change the position of my red/orange Poppy color stripe.

gale zucker (she shoots sheep shots)

What a really perfect get away- and you look great too!


Love the shawl, especially the colours, love the beach.
A fine FO to start the year.


So much beauty in this post! I really love your shawl and I love the sparkle in the post above. How wonderful you were able to have this vacation together!

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