Thoughts on packing

Right now: March

Watching: House of Cards. Also The Voice... I just can't help it.

Reading: Only what's required.

Knitting: I'm sort of in between right now. Starting & stopping with a couple of cowls from the Knit In... can they be knit flat and seamed or buttoned? Man, I hate circs. Small hexagons in fingering-weight yarn are my long-term stand-by, and in my bag right now.

Humming: Along with the Oldies station on the radio. It's sometimes scary what counts.


Drinking: I found the PSYCHOPATH! (I love my new beer glass.)

Wearing: All the things and I've been complaining about it. It looks as though I may soon be able to shed a layer or two!

Organizing: Tax stuff. I'm aiming for a weekend finish. That would be so cool.

Celebrating: Celebrate Michael Day was last Saturday, and his birthday is coming up, as is my stepdad's birthday, and my brother-in-law's, and a nephew's... March is a busy month!

Itching to: Leave the house without my jacket on! It's too soon to hope for sandal weather, but I'm itching to ditch the shoes, too.


Looking forward to: The weather! It's cold today, but the solar gain in my office is AMAZING, and a warming trend begins tomorrow... 40s on the weekend! All eyes (well, all of mine) are on next Wednesday -- 53F on My.Day.Off. I might even ride my bike. I get my weather from Weather Underground; there's also an app for that!

Needing to: Get back to the The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up!

Delighted by: The thought of a cooler, less humid house this summer. After 27.5 years, we bit the bullet yesterday and the central air & purification system will be installed on Monday.

Inspired by: Romi's Mystery Shawl 2015! No-brainer.



I'm looking forward to a warm up for all of you! It's about time winter moved away from the northern US and gave my friends a break. I'm trying to make up my mind about yarn for Romi's Mystery. Should be fun.


I keep looking at my phone in disbelief. . . but it keeps saying 52 on Tuesday. I can get through the next couple of frigid, icy days with a 52 on the horizon!!!! (Also. . . thinking hard about my yarn choices for the Romi mystery knit . . . )


First, I love your blog! I am a long time fan.
I look forward to reading Ms. Kondo's book. as I am in the middle of reorganizing our home here in Tokyo. In my 20 years in Japan, I would never describe the Japanese as tidy or organized. They are a clean, regimented culture.
Wishing you sunny, warm sandal days!!


I keep hearing about House of Cards, guess we need to start watching. And YES on the stuff they consider oldies nowadays. I, too, am looking forward to a warming trend, looks like we are going to have the same temps as you on Wednesday and I can't wait! Also,I'm in on the mystery shawl.


Love the name of that beer! And here's to finally warming temps...ugh it's just so old.


"sometimes it's scary what counts". LOVED that! (and so true!)

also love seeing 50's in your forecast. not only for you ;-)

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