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Ten on Tuesday: Between two or more slices of bread

Ten on Tuesday:  10 Favorite Sandwiches

I don't eat sandwiches as often as I used to... like, hardly ever these days... but I sure do love them and sometimes it's the only thing!


I began riffing on sandwiches last week when writing about cheese, whereby the Top 4 or 5 were already declared:

1. Philly Cream Cheese & Welch's Grape Jelly. On Wonder Bread, of course!

2. Butter & Honey. Mom would make these sandwiches in the morning and pack it in our school lunches. By lunchtime, the honey would have begun to crystallize along the cut edges. Oh, that was the best thing.

3. Peanut Butter & Banana. I also have fond memories of Peanut Butter & Marshmallow Creme, but am very content to leave that there in the memory department. I have, however, continued the pleasure of PB & Banana to the present day (though quite sparingly).

4. Grilled Cheese. White bread with butter, processed American cheese, grilled just so... oh yum! We didn't eat out often when I was a kid, but when we did I always ordered a grilled cheese sandwich (really hard to screw up)... until I discovered fried shrimp!

5. Ham & Swiss. This is my go-to at any sandwich shop... anywhere, anytime, on anything, with a little mayo and yellow mustard. Perhaps with pickles. I love it on all kinds of bread or as a wrap, but probably my favorite medium for consumption is a toasted bagel (plain, egg, everything).

6. Roast Beef & Provolone... warm, with mushrooms. Otherwise known as #15 at the Deli Sub Pub, favorite lunch stop of my early working days. Man, I loved that sandwich.

7. Fish Sandwich. I love fish and I love sandwiches. I haven't eaten at McDonald's in years*, but when I was a more regular customer I always ordered a fish filet.

8. Turkey & Cream Cheese with Cherry Chutney. On toasted granola bread. Served with dill potato salad and chunky applesauce. It's my favorite sandwich at The Cookery in Door County. I sometimes wish I could broaden my horizons.

9. A Classic Club Sandwich. This was a favorite from my even earlier working days -- my first job on my own in Superior, WI. I can't remember the name of the diner I'd go to, but they made a great club sandwich!

10. Reuben. Mmm, a good and very dark rye bread, just the right amount of corned beef, the tang & texture of (well-drained) sauerkraut, and the sweetness of Russian dressing.

Bonus: 11. Gyros. Also a favorite of the working girl... there was a fantastic Greek restaurant called Karras' that we went to often; oh man, the best Greek food around.


 *Actually, in desperation, we had McD's at O'Hare on the way back from Mexico; of course, I had a fish filet... and I wish I'd been more disappointed! It certainly wasn't stellar, and I won't be a regular consumer ever again, but it would probably number amongst my guilty pleasures if I ever had to make a list of such things.



Your #1, 3 and 8 are sandwiches I would never have imagined as a kid and even now I'm a little shocked by the combos, but they do sound good! Great list of new and old favorites.


I was all set to make myself grilled cheese tonight but I haven't had a peanut butter and banana sandwich in years and it's sounding quite tempting. Actually, all of your sandwiches sound delicious!


Hmmm,,,, and now I want a sandwich! thank you Vicki :)


Marshmallow Creme? Do you mean Fluff? It's made in Massachusetts!

Laura from beautiful West Michigan

Peanut butter and dill pickles. No, really. You have to try it. Butter one side of the bread, peanut butter the other piece and then layer those dill pickle sandwich slices on. The butter keeps the juice from soaking into the bread. Heavenly!


I forgot about grilled cheese and gyros and fish sandwiches! Have you ever had a grouper sandwich? Available many places in the Florida Keys -- best fish sandwich EVAH!

Steph VW

I love a good sandwich! There's a little restaurant here in the Annapolis Valley (known for its apple orchards) that makes this amazing sandwich that had roasted turkey, brie and apple.

Anything with goat cheese, or avocado tops my list these days. But I did make a PB & Banana sandwich for my eldest boy the other day and he declared his love for it. :)


my grandmother LOVED McD's filet-o-fish, with a vanilla milkshake. it's been quite a few years since I've had either...but I think about them. still.


Oh, yum! What a great list, Vicki. (Except for the PB and banana. Just can't with that one. And it's Tom's favorite of all time. . .) I forgot all about gyros! I LOVE gyros!

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