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Ten on Tuesday: I'm in a dairy state of mind

Ten on Tuesday:  10 Favorite Kinds of Cheese

Not only is Wisconsin America's Dairyland, I live in a city known for cheese! And when I moved for a while to Oregon, I ended up in another city known for cheese!! I can't seem to escape the cheese...

A lot has changed in Wisconsin. The state used to be dotted with tiny independent cheese factories -- and I mean they were everywhere! That's sadly not the case anymore. I miss them!

C is for Cheese Curds

Goat Cheese Curds from Caprine Supreme Creamery, Black Creek, WI

1. Squeaky cheese curds. You can find fresh cheese curds at some farmer markets, every grocery, and even at gas/convenience stores. 

2. Cream cheese. I don't think there's a single thing on earth with cream cheese as an ingredient that I don't like. The one thing that immediately comes to mind, though, is the Philly Cream Cheese & Welch's Grape Jelly sandwich of my youth. Oh, sooo good. I'm sure we only had those in desperation, and if the cupboard was really bare it was a Butter & Honey sandwich in my lunch, but those are still numbers 1 & 2 on my list of favorite sandwiches! (#3 is Peanut Butter & Banana.) (I sense a Ten on Tuesday topic!)

3. Kraft American cheese, but never individually-wrapped singles. I like peeling the layers on a sliced block. I love a good ol' fashioned grilled cheese sandwich -- with tomato soup, of course! This was also the cheese on the bologna sandwiches of yesteryear, as well as many a dinner when paired with saltine crackers! The kids always loved my sister Karen's American Cheese Soup.

4. Cheddar cheese. There was a time when there was always a block of cheddar in our fridge. If the word "cheese" is on the grocery list, it means cheddar! So many varieties...

5. Colby cheese. A very smooth and mild cheese, similar in flavor to cheddar but perhaps a bit softer. A favorite variation is Co-Jack -- a swirled combo of Colby and Monterey Jack.


6. Mozzarella! In all shapes and sizes. I can adapt. It's the reason I grow tomatoes and basil!

7. Brie & Camembert. Thanks to Mom! A favorite lately is a bit of cherry preserves atop a smudge of brie on a thin cracker. Mmmm.

8. Bleu. Yum... I'm sort of craving a good Wedge Salad right now.

9. Swiss & Provolone. Different cheeses, but sandwich favorites for numbers 4 & 5 on my list: Ham & Swiss and Roast Beef & Provolone.

10. Limburger. (On occasion.) Thanks to Grandpa Blum!

Cream of Spinach Soup

Grated Parmesan finishes Cream of Spinach Soup.

I could go on and on. Cheese!

And this just in: As Far As Cheese Goes, We're Still America's Dairyland



I love all the cheeses you've listed, as well as the sandwiches. When I was a teenager I'd buy a small package of cream cheese and then eat the whole thing by the fingerful. A friend and I did that on a regular basis rather than buy candy bars. Oh cheese, how I miss you. Enjoy it for me, Vicki!


I used to love cream cheese & jelly sandwiches, too, and I haven't had one in years. I'm thinking we should do 10 favorite sandwiches, yes? Also, great cheese list. I want to try cheese curds!


My dad was a dairy farmer and his family had a cheese factory, too. They made provolone and mozzarella - interesting choices since they were/are German. I can remember going to the factory when I was a kid to get fresh cheese curds. The factory is long gone now, although the building is still there and I occasionally drive past it when I'm home visiting. The family business is even listed in the WI cheese making book. And cream cheese? My Thursday night dinner when I was single was a block of cream cheese with a jar of salsa poured over it (don't mix it together), eaten with tortilla chips while sitting on the floor watching "Must See TV"... I kind of miss that meal.


Ah, grilled cheese sammies! My mother used Velveeta when I was growing up; I use whatever cheese we have on hand, and a combination is even better.


Oh, my! Kaukauna was how we knew Christmas was coming (and sometimes NYE). This was a rare treat and I remember it well with Toasteds crackers. Every now and again I have to have some, even though my cheese palate has stretched to include many more these days. Thanks for that sweet little memory.

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