Ten on Tuesday: Pot o' Gold

Ten on Tuesday:  10 Things I'd Buy If I Found A Pot of Gold!

I need a baseline. How much gold does one expect to find in a pot?

Using the calculations provided here and yesterday's price of gold ($1,154.16/oz.), it's $313,192.86. Okay, then...

1. A 1958 Corvette, red & white: $77,995.00

2. A Nice Long Weekend in NYC: $5,000.00

3. A Spring Shopping Trip: $5,000.00

4. A Mediterranean Cruise: $20,000.00

5. Rent a motorhome and take a Road Trip to The Maritimes: $7,500.00 

6. A Brand New Car for the whole fam damily: $175,000

7. Almost everything on my Amazon Wish List: $4,610.63

8. A Patterns + Alterations Studio Week at Alabama Chanin: $3,000.00 + $1,000.00

The new book will be out soon!! Rusty pre-ordered for my birthday and I've been delightfully anticipating ever since!

9. And the Classic Studio Week: $3,000.00 + $1,000

10. I'd have Margene join me: $8,000.00.

Lucky me, I'm observing the 10th anniversary of The Quit, so I have a BONUS POT OF GOLD into which I can dip:

11. So I'd bring a few more AC-obsessed friends -- Kay, KymGale, and Beverly!!

Wouldn't that be fun???

A girl can dream.

And obviously spend a whole lotta money in a very short time!



I was thinking how fun it would be to join you in a week at AC and the next thing on your list was ME! With so many of us there we'd have SO MUCH FUN! Happy Quit Anniversary! That's a wonderful and amazing accomplishment.


Happy Quit Anniversary...and Alabama wouldn't know what hit them! ;-)


I love how you priced it all out! And it didn't take long to spend, did it? I wonder how fast we would REALLY go through it. And hopefully it would be tax-free!


Oh, my gosh--I need to revisit my list and figure out costs.


Awesome - and I see great minds think alike on checking the actual value of a pot of gold!


Happy Quitiversary! I can not believe the amount of money spent on cigarettes. Wow! Excellent list also :-)


the road trip in a motor home sounds like a blast also!
congrats on another year not smoking - - mine is 20+ and I am still thankful everyday


Oh, I'm so IN!!!! (And I am counting the days for my pre-ordered AC book to arrive . . .)


Wonderful list and I especially love how (and why) you have a bonus pot of gold!


Sounds like you, Margene, and I should meet up in NYC.


wonderful. on all fronts. and especially the quit-aversary. congratulations!!


Sounds like the real pot of gold is the one from the not smoking. The one that is you enjoying a healthier life more and more time to enjoy life and your loved ones. Congrats. I'll send good thoughts about that other pot, just in case that's in your cards, too.


I forgot the cruise on my list. Smokey has no cartilage in his knees, so travel is difficult, but I bet we could manage a cruise.

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