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Ten on Tuesday: The hour(s)

Ten on Tuesday:  10 Things I'll Do With Daylight Savings' Shifted Hour

In addition to the "extra hour" of daylight, the days here are getting longer at the current rate of over 3 minutes per day!

With the manipulation of the clock, that extra hour is just shifted from the beginning of the day to the end... I was driving both to & from work in daylight last week, but it's dark again in the morning.


I thought I was adjusting okay but I woke up in the wee hours and spent some time trying to figure out what time it really was. I just couldn't shake it...


1. Last night we took a walk before dinner.

2. We went before dinner because we thought it would be too late afterwards, but we enjoyed the daylight for quite a while... the sun set at nearly 7:00.

3. We're all still adjusting.


4. With all that extra daylight, I was able to see buds on the trees.

5. I'm looking forward to getting things done! I'm just naturally more active during daylight hours.

6. That will include some after-work bike rides beginning soon.

7. Creatively, I'm looking forward to doing a number of things that are on hold because they're best done outside:

7.a. Indigo dyeing -- both fabric and yarn.
7.b. Airbrush stenciling some fabric! There are some Alabama Chanin projects in the wings...

8. The snow is melting fast, and we didn't have that much to begin with... and I know it's too early, but I couldn't help it but glance to the spot where I'll eventually watch my hostas begin to appear.

9. I can't recall doing a single garden-related thing last year, except perhaps a very late pruning of my espalier tree... because espalier. So, as soon as I'm able, I'm actually looking forward to doing some yard work!


The forecast is for 60F today... I feel as though we're over the hump!



Walks, buds, dyeing, grilling, and 60 degrees are all worth celebrating; enjoy every daylit moment!


60°? I am so jealous!


Still only 40 here. But that feels downright BALMY! Maybe you can send those 60s right over the lake!


I'm looking forward to walks in the evenings and more things coming up in the gardens. We will barely reach 60 today so you're ahead of the game. I haven't seen a hint of my hostas, but I think maybe soon.


We've hit mid 40's and I'll take it! Still getting snow activity in (cross-country ski) but at least it's warm! Grilling!!!


I can not wait until it's warm enough to actually eat dinner outside that comes from the grill!


so much fun being outside...and GARDENing. (well, for you. and Kym. and Margene. :-) our morning light is really late now and it makes me grumpy. but I'll adjust. soon!


Grilling! I cannot wait!

Kim Dean

I smelled the first charcoal fluid-fueled fire on Sunday.

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