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So, 17 28 years ago today I felt twinges when I woke up, but decided to go to my preggo exercise class, anyway. That certainly got things going a bit more, but I didn't stop there! I went to work to pick up the resume that I'd been working on for my brother AND delivered it to him at his job.

Things were really going then! I called my husband (to take me to the hospital) and my mother (to watch Katie) and did my best to manage at home until they got there. I tried to remain calm -- Kate wasn't even two and I didn't want to alarm her. I recall laying on the floor while Katie played, bouncing a big ball all around me.

The troops arrived around 1:30. I continued popping Tums like candy in the labor room (as I had for heartburn throughout the entire pregnancy -- just the thought of green peppers made me gurgle), and Alison Louise arrived at 3:30. When they told me she was another redhead, I didn't believe it 'til I saw for myself! Wow!!!

And spring arrived that day! I literally watched the leaves pop out on all the trees from my hospital room. It was Easter Sunday when they let me go -- 70F and we had a picnic dinner outside! Seventeen Twenty-eight years... seems like yesterday.

excerpted and edited from original post on 4/16/2004




Happy Birthday, Ali Lou!!



Happy Birthday to Ali! Thanks for sharing her birth story with us!


Mazal tov and a very happy birthday!


Happy birthday to your beautiful Ali! XOXO


Happy Birthday to a beautiful girl and her mama, too! Wow, that is quite a story. (I love Rusty's T-shirt...Ack (with the red haired cat).


Happy Burthday to your second beautiful red haired girl!


Happy (belated) Birthday, Ali! What a beautiful woman you've become!!

Steph VW

It's a good month for birthdays!

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