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As promised/scheduled, I returned to the site of Kate's inaugural Young Space pop-up show today to finish cleaning windows. I'd done all of the entry/vestibule windows on the weekend, saving the more important front for last, inside and out.


Cleaning windows generally isn't my thing, but let me tell you what a difference the right tools can make!! Have you ever seen a pro work? I spent an inordinate amount of time considering and selecting window-cleaning equipment on Saturday, settling on an Unger Pro 14-Inch Window Scrubber, a 16" Squeegee, a big bucket, and some paper towels. I used an old cleaning recipe: 1/2 c. rubbing alcohol, 1/8 c. ammonia, 1/4 t. dish soap, and enough water to make 1 quart.


I certainly was sloppy and I got a little wet, but it went pretty quick and was relatively painless. At one point I tried to use an extension pole that the girls were using to paint, but didn't realize that Unger has a dedicated system... and I managed just fine without!


Sparkle, shine, and reflect!! It's all coming together.


And artwork continues to arrive... this one delivered today from Greece!



My grandfather (the shop teacher and wood worker) always told us to use the best tools we could afford while my grandmother taught me to clean windows with vinegar and newspaper! Glad you found the tools that worked for you. Looking forward to opening and artwork photos!


Good tools! We know how important they are to a job, fun or no. Very creative and attention getting to put the notices in the window in a checkerboard pattern! Here's to a grand show!


Those windows are going to throw great light on show - can't wait for the opening! (and thanks for the tip about the tools...I hate to clean windows, maybe because of my tools!)


Those windows are awesome!

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