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I soaked the pieces for Junebug's sweater yesterday morning! And, darn it, distraction led them to being soaked a bit too long and possibly in water that was a bit too warm, so a little bleeding occurred -- not bad, but there; hopefully less noticeable when dry.

Anyway, HOLY COW! I pinned out the pieces and it's HUGE! I wanted to knit this sweater a bit oversized but this might fit him through 3rd grade. I swatched/measured early on and was pretty right on; and it didn't seem too big while I was knitting... at least until I got to the back.

The front is in two pieces, and I saw no red flags. The sleeves are very roomy, but he's got big baby muscles; still, I may end up recalculating and re-knitting the upper. The back... I kept holding it up and measuring and somehow convinced myself that it wasn't as big as it looked? I don't know. He's always fluctuating size-wise in my mind's eye; sometimes he's huge and sometimes still so very wee. Anyway, this sweater will fit at some point. The worst thing right now is that I might have to knit some more!

Guess what? I like to knit!

I am completely flipping out over those awesome "Electric Revolution" Vesper Sock Yarn stripes, though. They make me so happy!



The sweater is adorable! I just love those bright, wonderful stripes. And it's way better to have it too big now . . . because he'll grow. And that's for sure!


Is it superwash? Because I always throw my superwash sweaters in the dryer and they snap right back to size! Lovely stripes!!


Too big is better than too small!


Those stripes are so vibrant! Don't fret, if he can't wear it now, he will be able to soon enough.


Ooooppps... I did the same and worse with some pullover I knitted for Sam for Christmas, I forgot it in water overnight, first thing that came into my mind in the morning was: f*** I forgot the sweater in the water.... the background is pink instead of white with all sorts of colors all around, I used toshe merino light in one of her speckled colors, but not too bad overall, could have been much worse!

Your sweater looks adorable and it will fit sooner or later and the little mister will be so very sweet in it so everything is peachy.


Darn, more knitting. :)


He's a growing boy so you never know, but as you say, you like to knit so no harm to foul. He's going to look so dapper in that sweater!


It's a wonderful, cheerfully-striped sweater, whether he wears it now, in third grade, or you have to knit another one!


I love Vesper Sock Yarn, too---Julia dyes the most bright, cheerful colors. Your sweater looks great---I'm thinking that burly little dude will grow into it in no time, especially since it's for next winter.


those stripes are so FUN! and like everyone says, he'll grow into it...

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