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April Birthday #1

The rest of the weekend


There was a beautiful sunny sky on Saturday afternoon. I spent some time under the pergola soaking up some unblocked sunshine!


The first 70F of the year on Sunday (beating the predicted high of 69)!


Bleeding hearts emerging... it's definitely spring! 


Some chores were accomplished, too. I purchased this chair 25 +/- years ago when I learned how to cane. It had a few flaws, but I fell in love with the pressed design and it has served us very well. The other day the legs started to splay, and one of the hip rests was loose... nothing that some glue, clamping, and a screwdriver can't fix!

Inspired by an amazing work table spotted in one of the homes I recently saw with my friend Ann, I also found/marked up and shared with Rusty some plans for a cutting/ironing work table. The original was made from a ping pong table -- which we happen to have -- and tempting, but too big for my needs and especially for the space. There happens to be an old dorm bunk in the garage rafters, though, and it is now destined to be repurposed. I'm so excited to get my work room squared away.


And family! Maddy drove over for Kate's opening; Annie came down, and Joe was there. This was after Saturday lunch with Annie, Ali, and Junah... a very busy boy!!

I don't know how the weekend could have been better!



delightful! and that table after lunch tells a story of much shared food and fun! (and look how long Junah's hair has grown :-)


Oh . . . the messes . . . :-)
It was a glorious weekend - the sunshine is such a delight!
(I can't wait to see what you do with your workroom! I'm always looking for ideas . . .)


There's something wonderful about hitting that magical 70 degrees; after this winter I'm excited about and appreciative of the 50 degree days! I'm looking forward to seeing your work table process unfold.


Lots of good stuff going on during the weekend!


You had a very full weekend! I too am looking forward to seeing what you do with your workroom. I may need to re-purpose Smith's office into a room of my own. :)
My guess is Junah keeps everyone at the table busy.


Very impressed with all of your chair skills! And yes, the work room is of interest to me as well! ;-)


My dad repurposed a water bed and built a carding bench for me that I have in my garage. (It was my bed when I was married---I love that it went from something symbolizing so much unhappiness to being the center of my workspace. I card and dye wool on it, and use it to paint old furniture and cut out quilt pieces. It has some kind of special energy because my dad, who has supported all of my crazy creative endeavors from the time I was a tiny girl playing with sewing cards, built if for me.) I envy your cutting table. I have been wanting to sew clothes, but I don't really have a good place to spread out and cut stuff out.

Cheryl S.

Beware! We had 75 degree weather followed by 8" of snow within 24 hours.

Looks like you had a fun and productive weekend.

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