Something new!
Ten on Tuesday: Memorial Day Weekend 2015

Right now: On the cusp of summer

Watching: For the first time ever, North & South (any version). (I don't understand how this has flown under my radar for so long.)

Reading: Olive Kitteridge. It's been on my nightstand for ages! There are a lot of books on my nightstand (because it's actually a small bookshelf) and I'm going to read the books I've been collecting there or get rid of them! Maybe I'll hit a BINGO along the way! (And check Mary's post for a fun contest!)

Knitting: Prickly Poppy (see yesterday).

Dreading: I've been to the dentist and have already paid the piper for new tires... I guess there's some work on the brakes to be done soon; other than that, I see nothing too dreadful on the horizon!

Humming: Florence + The Machine - Delilah from the upcoming new album, How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful.

Drinking: Lots of fresh citrus in sparkling water, over ice. So refreshing! I mix it up -- sometimes all one fruit, sometimes a combo. Lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruit... I love the tartness! Occasionally, I plop in some frozen raspberries for color and yum.

Celebrating: My nephew's high school graduation! We'll be making a day-trip drive north on Saturday for the party.

Listening to: Birds in the morning. I love waking up to birds singing.

Itching to: Finish & wear my AVFKW Endless Summer Tunic (dress)! Fixing & finishing are fiddly (totally my own doing) but progress is being made!

Looking forward to: a short road trip with Kate to visit Black Mountain, NC. She has larger purpose, I'm going along for the ride, as I've never been to that part of the country. I've heard there's a great yarn store in Black Mountain, and lots of great shops and things to do in and around Asheville.

Needing to: Pack my bags! The project + camera bags threaten to far outnumber those for clothing + toiletries.

Delighted by: The new & aligned tires on my car! It's the little things...

Inspired by: Makers and Doers.



I loved Olive Kitteredge! She's a prickly person, but I really enjoyed how she and others were revealed through the interconnected stories. I also love the Edinburgh-Black Mountain connections. Hope you and Kate have a wonderful and productive trip!


I've all but clicked the "Purchase" button on the AC sale. I don't know if I can hold off, as I just love the new leaf pattern T shirts. Because my mystery shawl is finished, I am back in the saddle with my AC T and beading once again. (So thankful for my new project light). North and South flew under my radar until this year, too! I finished watching all four about a month ago. You and the Black Mountains!? With tons of camera equipment? And shops?! I see so much potential!


North & South is pretty good and I think it has held up to the test of time. Enjoy your road trip - that sounds like terrific fun!


your road trip sounds like a blast...and I predict you're gonna love the area. safe travels and continued make and do inspiration!

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