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Ten on Tuesday: Memorial Day Weekend 2015

Ten on Tuesday:  10 Things I Did Over The Weekend

1. Rusty & I took a 7-hour RT drive on Saturday to attend my nephew's graduation party.


The chocolate fountain was a hit... look for it next at a summer birthday party!

2. We stopped on the way to visit Maddy at work and have lunch!


We managed one not-so-goofy picture.

3. My niece took some pictures of my goofy sisters and me.

4. I slept in until 9:30 a.m. on Sunday. That's crazy! (Obviously, I needed it.)

5. I did some finishing/fixing on my indig0-dyed Endless Summer Tunic dress -- all that's left now is some handwork (felling seams).

6. Junah came over for a delightful few hours. He is unmistakably communicating his wants and desires, both vocally and by pointing. The boy loves to point! He is also officially running now.


7. On Monday, I decided that it was time to make another tunic! This time, I used an existing garment as a template to make a pattern and cut up another men's 4X t-shirt for fabric -- it was the perfect size. It's a very simple design, and I did some of the sewing by machine, but it still took all day! The learning curve in figuring out a mitered-corner finish on the square neckline would account for a great deal of that.

8. Ali rode her bike over with Junah in the trailer. The weather was iffy all day -- clouds, rain, sun, rinse & repeat -- but they found a good weather window and it was good to be outside. Junah loves it outside!!

9. I helped with supper last night, made a run to pick up trip supplies, and watched the last episode of North & South.

10. No knitting! It will definitely be coming on the trip, though... both the current sweater and shawl. We leave this afternoon!

And that's that. I hope you had a great weekend!



I love those photos of you and your sisters. Glad you had a great weekend, hope you get lots of car knitting on your trip!


I love the goofy and not-so-goofy sister photos! This sounds like a terrific weekend, and I hope you and Kate have a terrific trip!


Love the photos of you and your goofy sisters!


What great sister pics! Glad you had a lovely weekend.


Your sisters are a kick and I love all the photos whether goofy or no. Watching Junah run must be a kick, too!
I hope you have a wonderful trip with Kate and look forward to hearing more! Kick up your heels and have some fun!


Those sister photos are the BEST! I'm glad summer is almost there - you'll certainly see it in full swing as you drive south. Safe travels - and hope you get a lot of knitting done!


The sister photos are WONDERFUL. What fun! (And I love the chocolate fountain photo, too. A kid's dream-come-true, that chocolate fountain. . . ) Have a great trip! Can't wait to hear all about it. :-)


Hope you're having a great trip so far! And those sister pictures are priceless!

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