Macro May 2015
Weekending / FO: Romi's Mystery Shawl 2015

Best laid plans amok. I have posts in the works/on my mind about North Carolina, a new dress, a romper for Junah, a new shawl... and I'm held up by photos. I transferred a bunch off of my phone to the computer yesterday and, well, I'm just a bit photo-challenged at the moment!

Here's one from the weekend, though.


I'll try to make some sense of the rest tonight!



I sure get being behind on photos! Good luck catching up, looking forward to what you have to share with us.


Love the preview of photos to come on your side bar. You and Junah look so perfectly comfortable together. It's a calm and peaceful photo of two very happy people.


That one's a keeper - soo sweet!


What a sweet, sweet photo! (And . . . too many photos. That problem will soon sort itself out.) XO


*sigh* this is a beautiful shot of you both. and I love that the black and white let's "just you" shine through. the rest can wait...because moments like this don't!


That's a lovely picture.
I still have pictures from an April retreat that I haven't blogged.
And isn't Instagram fabulous? A quick thought gets posted, and eventually maybe blogged...


wonderful picture of you and your little guy....

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