Ten on Tuesday: A Drop In The Bucket
Day off doings

Why wait?

The summer bucket-filling commences today with the start of an Alabama Chanin A-line Dress!

A-line Dress-1

I'm making a custom length between tunic and the shorter dress, using a single layer of Alabama Chanin medium-weight organic cotton jersey in a color called "Blue Slate."

A-line Dress-2

I'll be using black thread to sew it all together.

A-line Dress-3

If there's one step I'm likely to skip in this process, it's basting the neckline and armholes... but not this time.

I've plans to embellish with embroidery and beading, inspired by some photos that I ran across on the WWW last winter.

Drip, drip, drip...



yay! of course there's no need to wait...and since I'm enjoying all this sewing - and beads and sequins!! - vicariously, I'm quite glad you didn't. can't wait to see more!


Sewing is not one of my strong points so I'm always amazed and interested in what you and Margene can create. Fill that bucket with fabric, beads, and sequins!


I was too afraid not to baste the neck and armscyes, it really helped keep everything in place. Will love seeing your tunic evolve and the embroidery you're using as embellishment! Why wait, indeed!!


Enjoy the process!


Love tunics, especially A-line. Your pattern looks lovely. Enjoy!


Cannot wait to see this finished! Love the color.

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