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Ten on Tuesday: I Scream!

Ten on Tuesday:  10 Favorite Ice Cream Flavors


I rarely scream for ice cream these days, but when I do...

1. Moose Tracks

2. Coffee

3. Chocolate

4. Vanilla (with appropriate toppings: chocolate syrup, pecans, and/or chocolate chips)

5. Mint Chip

6. Butter Pecan

7. Cookies 'n Cream

8. Fudge Swirl

9. Neapolitan

10. Orange Sherbet (...I know)


I also like Klondike bars, ice cream sandwiches, a plain old ice cream bar, fudgsicles, creamsicles (orange), push-ups (orange), Dilly bars (chocolate), drumsticks... there are probably a million new "licensed" ice cream treats on the market these days, but I like the tried-and-true.

What's your favorite?



Moose Tracks - how did I forget that one? Nice list!


Mmm. Coffee. And around here we also have coffee syrup so you can make coffee milkshakes. So good!


We both used a variation of the 'I Scream' for our blog title and included ice cream treats, not just flavours. We must be sisters! :)


I like a vanilla base with "stuff" in it...the more stuff the better!


I'll take mine made with coconut milk (no dairy here), but Neapolitan and Orange Sherbert were always my faves!


I don't even bother to buy Klondike (and other) bars because I have NO control.


I'm barely qualified to even comment here, but three cheers for sherbert! There's a grocery store chain in the south called Publix that has a wonderful store brand of sherbert in lots of flavors... my favorites are berry ones - raspberry and strawberry and the pineapple is good too. When I visit my parents in Florida, there are always a few cartons in the freezer. just like when I was growing up!


I like almost ANY kind of ice cream . . . Moose Tracks is really quite awesome! I love a mix of orange sherbet and vanilla ice cream. Mmmmm. (And I like "Creamsicles" -- which are the mix of orange sherbet and vanilla ice cream!)

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