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Day Off: My To-Do List


I loved Mary's suggestion for the "mundane" and have also seen "lists" as a suggestion for blog posts. Well, here we have my mundane day-off to-do list!! Let's call it a NaBloPoMo warm up.

  1. Chiropractor - 9:30 a.m.
  2. Boots
  3. Books
  4. Oil change - 11:30 a.m.
  5. Sales tax
  6. End of month (start)
  7. Quarterly reports
  8. Call the IRS
  9. Pack up and mail the Traveling Scarf
  10. Kelly - wedding photography info
  11. Take measurements
  12. Make kombucha
  13. And a bunch of other stuff

I hated taking my boots back to the cobbler shop! The new pull-tab on the left boot broke again the second time I pulled it on... I never even tried the right boot (and that's the one that I really need it for). They're going to sink the pulls deeper, stitch them more, and also stretch the instep of the boot a bit. Finger's crossed! I pick them up again in a week.

I loaded up several boxes of books and sent them to Half-Price Books with Kate today. They're mostly my mom's books and it's only the beginning...

The IRS. I wish I didn't ever have to call them, and I put it off this time for a couple of weeks already... It all has to do with Ali changing her business from a Sole Proprietorship to an LLC and a snafu of paperwork complicated by her also getting married and changing her name, and all within a month in May-June 2013 but not realized until the end of the year. Yes, 2013. I do believe (as I am fervently knocking on wood) that this is the last little piece and that nothing having to do with that changeover is left unresolved. That said, I have had nothing but pleasantness and helpfulness (special training?) from everyone I've spoken with at the IRS. I'm thinking that it's four or five or six different people, now, and *I* wasn't always as cool and collected. Ahem. Anyway, it's probably a much better experience when I call them than if it were the other way around.


The Traveling Scarf arrived in my mailbox in July and I knit quite fervently for a while and then I stalled. Well, I knit a few more rows this morning while I bought postage online and arranged for package pick up, and it'll be in the hands of USPS tomorrow morning! There's one more stop before it heads home to Kim.

I came across the Options KAL the other day and that striped version reminded me that I really want to knit another Fib -- longer, with shaping, and V-neck. Also, I've yet to use CustomFit to make a sweater! So, measuring.

Kombucha making starts tonight!



I'm convinced 99% of life is full of "mundane" - aren't these the details we love to find out about our mothers and grandmothers?! (I only hope our grandchildren can read our blogs in 50 years!)


I agree with Mary . . . life is mostly "mundane" with a bit of excitement sprinkled in here and there. Good luck with the IRS . . .


Mundane posts are so much more interesting than we think. My life is FULL of mundane and I need to be better at sharing it. Don't you just love crossing off so many things on your To Do lists!?


Damn, you're productive. My mundane to-do list is do dishes, do laundry, water plants, pay bills, dump compost....OK, I do have finish the blanket I just wove and weave two more bobbins on the twill, but mostly mundane is VERY mundane.


I love so-called mundane posts because they give me a real glimpse into your daily life.


You got it done today! And mundane...that means safe and secure to me or as we used to say at a previous job of mine...meatloaf, pork chops and chicken!

kathy b

Vicki Thank you for the lotion and the very lovely blue tye dyed project bag. !!!! Im knitting on the scarf today: halloween!

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