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I just don't even know what to think or say about that. All of a sudden, another year has gone by! It was a pretty great year, too.


There was some knitting, some traveling, some knitting while traveling.

There was sewing... and stenciling and airbrushing and dyeing.

There were awesome times with my family, my kids.


Junah. My god, that kid!


Auntie Camp Weekend with Mack & Addy!

And you all! Thanks for joining me on these journeys. It's hard to imagine the trajectory of my life -- particularly my creative life -- without the friendships, support, and encouragement gained through blogging for the past 11.5 years.

So much great stuff. I'm looking forward to more -- much, much more -- same, new, different -- in the next year!



Happy birthday, Vicki! Come visit again soon, OK?


Happy Birthday, Vicki! I hope you have a great day today and a wonderful year ahead!


Happy Birthday, dear friend! You are going to have another spectacular year, with even more creativity and joy!


Happy Birthday Vicki! Today is my hubby's birthday and he would love to see 57 again!


Happy Birthday Vicki! Here's to the year ahead and lots more fun and friends and making!


Happy birthday! Here's to more fun and creativity in the coming year.


Happy birthday! May there be many more years at least as good as the one just passed.


Best wishes, my friend! Thank you for all the inspiration, smiles and life you've shared ... I, too, look forward to many many more years!


Happy Birthday, I hope you have as much fun going forward as you did this year,


Hapiest of Happy Birthdays Vicki!
Celebrate, enjoy and plan more good times. :0)

CaroleP (ohio

I'm here because Margene said to be and your name was next - Soooooooo hope you had a happy, wonderful day Happy Birthday. Enjoy 57........and every day of your life. I'm older and I said so. :-)


Happy Birthday!!


Happy Birthday! So glad you inspired Margene a while ago!

By the way, I turned 61 earlier this year. Since I turned 50, I keep saying 'I don't remember any 50 years', only lately it's been '60 years'. Lol


Happy 57th from the wide blue yonder! (Flying to vegas as I type.)


Happy Birthday, Vicki! Hope it's been a wonderful day!

gale zucker (she shoots sheep shots)

That's an excellent year round up! Wishing you all this and more for your 57th year.


Happiest birthday wishes to you, dear Vicki! I'm late in commenting -- but not late in my wishes (because I know you're having an extravaganza and still celebrating!). Wishing you much love and excitement as you head into another year. XOXO

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