Ten on Tuesday: November's Best

Clean up

Today's the last day of November! Somehow, I was surprised by that realization today.

It's the end of NaBloPoMo! It was a busy month with a little bit of traveling, a birthday, some knitting & sewing, cooking, football, a holiday, walking -- all with some overlap and intermingling of family -- and I wrote about most; posted something everyday, at least.

And now the holiday season is upon us! I am feeling ever so slightly less Grinch-y/Scrooge-y than in recent years. I did a little bit of shopping over the weekend (admittedly, very little of it was of "gift" variety) and even a little (a very, very little) decorating.

I'm looking forward to a knitting group party tomorrow and a company party on Friday. That'll help with mood.

I'm looking forward to picking up our share from ARTiculture -- the first-ever-around-here art CSA -- in a couple of weeks. No doubt I'll find a few gifts to give within.

And I'm really looking forward to another Saturday with my sister in a few weeks, baking in the commercial kitchen. I'll be using some tried-and-true recipes from last year.

Surprisingly, I've kept right up with the March Through Time KAL -- usually finishing a day or so before release of the each clue. The final clue will be released in a week and, if my M.O. continues, I'll have a finished cowl in about two! I've had Tsuwano 'round my neck almost constantly since finishing, so another long cowl in the rotation will be welcome. Or it might become a gift!

I've enjoyed the walk-along part of that project and the extra motivation to move. I love keeping track of my activity and routes with the Map My Walk app, and have walked 32 miles since starting 4 weeks ago! A little back strain this morning has me hobbled and I won't be out there this evening. I had a back twinge after I tangled with Gus a week ago, and think this was probably inevitable. But 32 miles this month!

Christina, from The Healthy Knitter Blog and designer of the March Through Time KAL/WAL is beginning a Peace-Along tomorrow, which some might find helpful at this time of year.

Here we go! Next thing you know, it'll be a new year.



Hurrah for another NaBloPoMo in the books - congrats on getting it done and thanks for having us along for the ride. Sorry about the back twinges, it can be discouraging but yay 32 miles!


Good for you on the walking! I have to say that my Fitbit keeping track of how many miles I have walked was first surprising and now challenging. My summer goal was to walk to a town about 600 miles from where I live. I did it! Never left about a 4 county radius, but I did get in 600 miles. So intersting what motivates us.

Look forward to hearing about the ARTiculture box.

gale zucker (she shoots sheep shots)

Congratulations on making a post every day, I always enjoy following what's up with you. I failed the NaBloPoMo daily challenge but made 16 posts --kind of weak in the scheme of things but for me? Pretty good. At least it got me back into the habit of posting --not just thinking about posting.

32 miles --also great, especially in a month when the days are getting colder and shorter. go go go!


Hooray for 32 miles and 30 daily posts! I think part of walking is also listening to your body so you can judge when resting is what you really need. Hope your back is better soon and you can get back out there. I'm really looking forward to hearing about ARTiculture; what an original and creative idea!


Knees and backs are usually the parts of our body to complain the most when we overdo. You did a great job of Marching Through Time and might be the only one of us to finish the cowl AND the walking. I walked, but could not keep up with the knitting portion. I have loved your daily posts and found reading everyone far more enjoyable than posting to my own blog. However, I'm glad I did it!

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