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I gave myself a little break from walking on Thursday & Friday. My knees & leg are doing okay, but it's apparent that those bruises are deep... I just felt like I needed a rest. "Thanksgiving" is a pretty good workout, period.

After doing a little shopping/running around both yesterday & today, I immediately set out for a walk upon returning home. Do not pass GO, do not take of your shoes, just bundle up and get out there!!

Kate came with me today and we did a combo of sidewalks, overgrown footpath, and gravel biking/walking path (an old railroad bed). It was a lovely time of day!




Glad you could get out for a walk, especially because I love that Queen Anne's lace photo! I think it's even prettier than the white summertime blossom.


Your photos are fabulous and what a gorgeous blue sky! We still live with our wall of gray and a bit of micro-snow. It's great you know when to take a break and how to get the move on again!


Good for you for getting out there. I'm dealing with plantar fasciitis and it blows.


So glad you got out and with a partner in sure the walk flew by and less opportunity to think about the oweee!

Robin F.

Wonderful pix. Glad you could walk. Those injuries will take a long time to heal. A hot tub would be helpful.

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