Parcheesi is Five


Five years ago today, I bound off the last stitch to finish one of my most epic knitting project: PARCHEESI.


And it is definitely one of my favorites. There's a lot of love, laughter, and tears knit into those stitches, as my sister was moving through her last months while I was knitting.

It makes me happy to see it at the end of my bed, to pull it over me when I'm taking a nap, to fold it and wear it shawl-like around my shoulders (which I do almost every night in the coldest of winter), to wrap my grandbaby in it.

It is love.


It was one of my most fun and interesting knits, too; making up my personal "rules" for color & design, putting it all together (once I got started), and sharing/comparing it with friends (including the designer!).


Thanks again and always, Janine, for such a wonderful idea and inspiration.



It is definitely one of my favorite projects also! I'm so glad you use something so beautiful and don't just save it for special occasions.


It is one of my favorite of your projects, too! I love seeing it in the background of more current photos.


And, as ever, you are welcome! I love your version with a passion--and I love that you wrap yourself and those you love in it! I'm thinking of knitting another one....


The picture of that blanket at the feet of the statue is one of my most favorite pictures ever. I'm happy every time I look at that project. Here's to many more years of use and love! :-)


Absolutely love your Parcheesi, but even love more that you use it so much. One of these days seeing it on your blog is going to prod me into making one. I've wanted one since I first saw the pattern in my very early knitting days.


That is so beautiful!


I'm still impressed by it, glad you are using it and loving it as that's what it was made for.


This piece is iconic and one of the most amazing ever knit in the Blogland I know. Cara's Mitre Maddess and Parcheesi blow me away. I am in awe of this epic work of color, texture, planning, and fortitude. May you love and enjoy its warmth for years to come.

Susan (une femme)

What a gorgeous piece! I love the colors and the marled effect.


Your blanket is gorgeous, and I love how you photographed it.


that is amazing! What a wonderful story to accompany the meaning behind the project.

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