{Friday} Sky


I crossed everything off my list yesterday! Not that everything is completely finished, but I hit on and made progress in all areas. It was a pretty great day off.

I didn't think we'd make it to the movie. I'd told Rusty about a Marcus Theatres Veterans Day promotion where they could see The Martian and enjoy a complimentary popcorn at no charge... and it's a movie that I know he wanted to see.

He's busy, I'm busy. We checked the schedule... question marks.

I threw in a load of laundry at about 6:15 last night, including everything that I was wearing. I sat down, wearing my PJs, robe and slippers, and glanced at my list... mentioned the movie... checked the show times again... we'd have to go NOW!


And we did! I don't know where I got my information, but I was expecting a "sad but uplifting" end... which was so totally NOT. It was a great movie, and I'm glad we saw it on the big screen!

That's two movies in less than a week!



I love indulging in a movie during the week. We are lucky to have a theater right up the street and we should take advantage of it more than we do.


But did you go in your pajamas? (We used to go to drive-ins in our pajamas when I was a kid, and it was really fun!) I'm glad to hear the movie was great. I loved the book, and I might even be able to talk my husband into seeing it if I tell him I know someone who thought it was a good one.


I only see movies in bunches, too! So, seriously, did you go in your PJs? It was a really great movie and totally worth seeing in the theater. Sure had my heart thumping!


The Martian has been on my list for weeks now . . . and, so far, I've not crossed it off. Will try to remedy that this weekend. . .


I can't wait to see this because I loved the book and I'm a a huge Matt Damon fan. I'm hearing great reviews from everyone so I hope I get there soon!


Don't you just love those "now" decisions? Glad you liked to talk to Doug about getting to it.

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