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Strange coincidence


The big news of last weekend isn't mine.


After months of planning (not mine) and secrecy, I delivered Kate to the airport in Green Bay on Saturday afternoon. On Sunday morning she landed in Paris! SURPRISE!! She was invited, along with another couple, by her friend Blair's husband to a surprise 30th birthday celebration for Blair... in Paris (swoon). There's at least one other surprise for Blair before they return home to Edinburgh, where Katie will also spend about a week before she returns home (here). It's been a lot of fun to see it all unfold. It was so secretive, though, that Katie didn't even tell the credit union that she was going!! (I called this morning and hopefully she'll be able to use her debit card now.)

* * * *

I had a very quiet and relaxing weekend, myself.

* * * *

The previous weekend was a bit more "exciting" for us all. We all had or took the day off on Friday and left bright and early for a 3-day weekend "up north."


Originally, my sisters and at least one cousin were going to join us, but they fell off one by one and so it ended up being just us at the old cabin, with my uncle at his a couple doors down.


The weather was kind of crappy until about mid-morning on Saturday and then it was just lovely -- brisk and fall-like -- not as warm and delightful as last year, but certainly pretty enough!


There were plenty of walks.

We explored some of the remains of the old Hiawatha Resort.


We goofed around.


Goofed around some more.


It was gorgeous... super low-key, fun, relaxing.

I started a new knitting project on the way up and this was my progress as of Saturday night. I took some photos of an FO, too!

We played games and ate great food, including a fish fry on Saturday night... there's nothing like pan-fried walleye!


A darn good time was had by all!!



It looks like a great time! I love Junah's expression in the family photo, and he is a very cute spokesman for warm knitwear in the goofing around photo. Can't wait to see that sweet animal complete with its head!


Love the Junahgif! You can almost here him giggle. What a great place to getaway and even more wonderful you had the cabin all to yourselves.


Looks like a perfect getaway! And a great shot of your girls!


Cabins in non-summer are magical.


What a perfect weekend getaway! That Junah. . . He's going to be such a fun guy to have around. (Love his smile.) And I am so excited for Kate. What a wonderful surprise -- all around!


That weekend looks so lovely, I'm glad you had that time with your family! And Paris for a surprise party is amazing! Wow!


#Junahgif! so glad to see the photos... looks like y'all had a wonderful time and the weather ... well. fall! (can't wait to hear more about that surprise party. Paris??!!)


Old fireplaces/chimneys are one of my all-time favorite things. They seem abandoned, but it's easy to imagine them giving warmth and comfort to someone.

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