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Oh, hello Sharon!

Folding laundry this morning, I was missing a sock.

Oh, well, it'll turn up... maybe it fell on the floor or I left it in the basket. Not worried. (It's a sock.)

Driving along in my car this afternoon on the way to the grocery store, I tucked my hand under my leg and... What is that? Did I sit on something? What is so lumpy and soft?

And then I realized that it was the missing sock, stuck in the leg of my jeans.

And I laughed out loud, remembering the story Sharon would tell -- in the way that only she could tell it -- about a pair of underwear slipping out the leg of her pants as she walked into a gas station, and how she discreetly bent down to pick them up, stuffing them in her pocket. You know, as one discreetly does. Heh.

Oh, hello Sharon!! I miss you and am thinking of you a lot today... a Wednesday... that's the day that Mom and I had a standing date to drive down and visit with you. I miss Mom, too. xoxo

I'd already gone to the coffee shop and running a few other errands this morning with a weird sock lump on my leg!

There's no way I could go into the grocery store now, though, knowing that it was there... surely everyone else would know! It would be written all over my face! Heh.

So I parked the car and looked around, discreetly unzipping my jeans (as one does) in the parking lot at the grocery store, and reached in to retrieve the stray. Ha! It was easier than I thought it would be with somewhat skinny jeans on, and I zipped up quick!


gale zucker (she shoots sheep shots)

What great story. It's awesome to have your sister reach down to say hi.


Oh. Those thin spots . . . when someone very far away reaches out and grabs us. (What a special gift.) (Also . . . I had that happen with a sock once. On a date. I tried to be discreet . . . as one does. But it didn't turn out to be discreet. It turned out to be A Story One Tells.)


How wonderful Sharon made sure to saw hello to you and to give you a good chuckle, too!


Excellent story! And can I tell you that this same thing happened to me on Monday - but with a pair of underwear just like in Sharon's story. Luckily I was only in my kitchen when they came slithering out. It was a very strange feeling, I thought a small animal was up my pant leg!


What a great story, Vicki!


How wonderful for Sharon to say hello to you in a way that you couldn't miss and would give you a laugh at the same time!

Julia in KW

...as one does! I love it! I usually announce to the gentlemen in the house that there is a missing knee high somewhere so they should be giving their clothes a good shake before they head out in the morning!


Lovely story, recounting wonderful memories. Enjoy them, even if they are bittersweet.


my "tears" threshold is pretty low these days, but I was more than happy to shed a few more about socks and panties gone awry today. thank you. stuff like this makes me wonder what stories I'll leave behind...I need to get to work! xo.


for me its the damn dryer sheets or even the color catchers that seem to get stuck in my jeans.... :)


My poor son had something similar happen at soccer practice. He was a teenager at the time - so of course everything was a crisis. But he was putting on sweats after practice only to have a pair of lacy undies come out when he stuck his foot though the leg of his sweats. He was mortified!

Kathode Ray Tube

Great story Vicki. I love when we get these reminders of our lost loved ones, especially humorous ones.

Steph VW

Hee hee.

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