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Ten on Tuesday: In the after-holiday glow

Ten on Tuesday:  10 Things I Look Forward To Doing After the Holiday Rush


1 - Reclamation project in my work room... it's an unmitigated disaster, and the tide keeps rolling!

2 - Finish a few sewing projects

3 - Stencil some fabric

4 - Start a few sewing projects

5 - KonMari my yarn stash, and maybe Spark Joy!

6 - Finish some knitting projects (or decide not to, but MAKE A DECISION!)

7 - Put my feet up

8 - Maybe get my knee looked at (it doesn't hurt unless I kneel or apply pressure -- and then, OW -- but there's a lot of fluid)

9 - Plan a vacation and/or get-away

10 - Take a little time off of work (to do all of the above!)



Creativity and (some) organization sound great, and maybe putting your feet up will help your knee heal. Hope your holiday and afterwards give you a nice, warm glow!


I forgot to put on my list that I want to go through all my drawers and rearrange and purge. There are things at the bottom that never get worn b/c I cannot see them.


I think #7 is the BEST!

Gale Zucker (she shoots sheep shots)

wow- I am 100% with you on all of these, except, thankfully, knee fluid. ouchie. I love the Kon Marie the yarn collection idea. That would be manageable- all other Kon Marie plans are too overwhelming for my life right now, too big, but the yarn would be truly sparking joy.
Have a wonderful holiday!


I should organize my yarn, too.


Every single thing on your list is on my list. Maybe I should also add "blog". :)


Completing #6 is so liberating! There were LONG lingering unfinished projects that I frogged and it felt so good.

Which leads me to #5 (backwards, I know) but yes, this needs to happen in my house!

I hope your Christmas is wonderful and your knee better quickly!


#6...such a struggle. This morning I decided I didn't like the hat I was almost done with, thought I might rip and then I saw a dropped stitch! Winning! On to the next thing! :-) And I hope you get that knee figured out!


I hope you do find time to have that knee checked out...and that the prognosis doesn't hinder getaway plans. also that you stitch and knit. because I live vicariously through all of that... and can I request a few Junah snuggles, too?! Merry Christmas!

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