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Ten on Tuesday: November's Best

Ten on Tuesday:  10 Best Things I Did in November

1 - Pardon the repetition, but I walked 32 miles in November!

2 - I made an amazing Leek Pie.

3 - I attended my first Packer game with Maddy.

4 - I washed the kitchen windows (exterior only... highlighting the need for interior work).

5 - I made kombucha! I've a couple batches under my belt. Learning.

6 - I had a birthday and had a great time in Milwaukee with my sisters. No cake, no candles, no singing.


7 - I saw some movies (Spectre, The Martian, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2)

8 - I did some geocaching.

9 - I finished a knitting project (Tsuwano).

10 - I posted every day in November for NaBloPoMo!


Psst. I am doing myself no favors by telling you this, but I can't help myself. Have you entered this: Giveaway Deluxe: Alabama Chanin Kits at Mason-Dixon Knitting?



Excellent list for a month full of really good stuff, Vicki. I haven't been to the movies in ages.


It's fun to relive our monthly accomplishments are fun goings on!


November was a whirlwind . . . for pretty much everyone! :-)


I loved living some of your list vicariously with you through InstaGram! And, I instantly thought of you when I read about the giveaway on MDK today!


32 miles is worthy of repeating! Since you were so kind to alert your readers about the AC giveaway at MDK, when I win I'll be sending the kit and book to you. They are only approaching 400 comments on Tues. afternoon and it closes Fri., so I'm sure I'll be a winner! ;-)

Julia in KW

I must say, as non-blogger, but an avid blog reader, I LOVE November! So much to read! Thank goodness December is such a busy month. I don't know what I would do? I did NOT enter the Alabama Chanin give you have a better chance! I'm thoughtful that way! ;)


well I am impressed, 32 miles, movies a birthday and a football game....and I did sign up to win the AC giveaway....and its all your fault

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