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Wednesday To-Do

We woke up this morning to find a little dusting of snow.


It's all but gone even now. The temp will be inching up the rest of the week toward almost 50F by Saturday! #crazyweather


  • Pick up some pre-sale items at Macy's
  • Pick up some other stuff at Macy's
  • Pick up some other stuff elsewhere (if I said, well, there'd be no surprises...)
  • Buy some ingredients for holiday baking
  • Do a little knitting
  • Maybe a little sewing
  • Watch Junie for a while this evening (that will be a more regular feature again around here) (YAY!)

I'd best get to it.



I really want your garage/shed/barn I have such envy. Would love a heated/ac space to do crafts in....its just a dream


We've had that same crazy weather, but because of the dreaded inversion, we won't reach 50 (unless we head to Park City). I've missed Junah! Looking forward to seeing his antics. Enjoy your errand day! I envious you have one mid-week.


I have to go to Macy's today, too, to pick up the Fiesta dishes I bought on pre-sale last week. Yay!


I can only be dragged out to shop kicking and screaming, so all of mine so far has been online - even at Macy's! I'm with Margene, looking forward to some more Junah photos!


We haven't even had a dusting yet, but I just know we're due. lol


brave you out at the stores! I hope you found what you were looking for (surprises and all). Wednesdays with Junah are always a favorite of mine - glad they're going to be more frequent!

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