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3rd Thursday

Wow. I've been a bit preoccupied with things like dealing with car insurance and readying for a quick weekend trip to Chicago, so I was a bit surprised this morning to be reminded of 3rd Thursday Knit Night... which I host! I am not always in attendance, but I don't think I've ever forgotten!!


{Take a breath}

It was a beautiful sunrise this morning. The pretty light was just beginning when I got out of bed (about 5:30 am CST) and it only got better; this photo was about an hour later, just as I left the house.

Maddy's Jeep suffered some impossible to ignore damage during a grocery store parking lot hit & run last week. We're not usually very particular about dents and dings, but in this case the directional lights (both front and side) were wrecked. Blech.


{Take a bow}

On the other hand, Maddy's diploma arrived in yesterday's mail! She graduated in December, continues working, and will be spending several months working and exploring in New Zealand beginning next fall.



I'm glad you get to enjoy a lovely sunrise and Knit Night to balance out the hit & run and the insurance company. I hear New Zealand is lovely in the fall!


So sorry you and Maddie have to deal with car damage to bad to ignore. But...a diploma AND New Zealand? How wonderful and exciting (right?)! You know how much I love a beautiful sky and that one is exceptional.


what a gorgeous sunrise! definitely my favorite way to start any day...but especially one with car repairs. congratulations to Maddie (and you!)!

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