3rd Thursday

7-Year Itch


Seven years ago today this fresh-faced young woman opened the door and welcomed customers for the first time as operator of Kaukauna Coffee & Tea! About 8 months later, she bought the business and the building it's housed in. She's made a ton of changes and improvements to the business and property in 7 years and she's working on some more -- HUGE -- changes that'll hopefully be happening in the next few months.

Not to mention the changes in her personal life in that time, and the HUGE change that will be a new baby sis/bro for Junah, also happening in the next few months! Heh. Never a dull moment...

Congrats Ali!! xoxo


Gale Zucker (she shoots sheep shots)

Congrats all around. new baby!


Seven years! It has been my dream to spend an afternoon in Ali's shop. She had a vision and she made it happen! You're family is full of visionaries!

Robin F.

Well done Ali! mazel tov to you Victoria


congratulations to Ali and her supportive mama ... wishing you both many more years of success!


What a lot Ali has done in just seven years! Wishing her much love, growth, success, and happiness in the next seven!


I remember when you were first blogging about this Big Event. It's amazing, isn't it???, how much things change -- and how fast???? Congratulations to Ali! What a Cool Thing! XO

Cheryl S.

Congratulations to Ali!


Wow, Seven years, Congratulations Ali!

Kathode Ray Tube

Congratulations to birthing a business, a boy and a child to be!

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