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By hand

The art historian/curator in the family has been doing some research along the lines of art+craft, among other things, and books have been regularly arriving in the mail. The other day it was this one:

Flipping through the pages, I saw this image:


I said, "That looks like Alabama Chanin."


Purposefully flipping a few pages back, I found that it most certainly was... or, rather, the original Project Alabama that grew to become Alabama Chanin.

I was so excited to learn that the AC skirt kits that Annie & I ordered have been shipped! With any luck, we'll have them in-hand by next weekend.


Meanwhile, my research in regards to these lovely Habu tsumugi and linen yarns led me to make my first Ravelry purchase of 2016: The LOLA (sweater) by Tante Sophie, aka Ina Braun. The pattern has a bunch of options, a bunch of yarns have been tested/used, there's a bunch of notes and, best of all, there's Ina. She was very helpful and generous in giving me some "how to" tips last summer during Auntie Camp when I was teaching the boys to knit, and she continues to be very helpful and generous in giving me guidance in how I might best use these yarns for the type of fabric and, ultimately, the sweater that I want.

House/kitty sitters have been arranged and I'm off to Chicago today for a long weekend with all three girls! It's going to be delightfully warm (58F!), but it also looks as though The Windy City will be living up to its name.



That looks like an interesting book and Habu yarns are always interesting! I hope you and the girls have a really wonderful weekend; I'll look forward to photos, food, and stories!


One of our SnB girls, Monica, helped Ina with her test knit of Lola! It's a design you'll love wearing (methinks). How wonderful to have a weekend with all three of your girls! We had the wind yesterday and it was fierce. Hang on to your hat!


I will be interested to see what you do with those gorgeous Habu yarns! I think everyone could use a TanteSophie! While we have never talked, you inspire me so much, as I think you do for so many other readers!

I hope you have an absolutely spectacular weekend in the Windy City!

Robin F.

you are such an enabler- now I had to buy the Lola book. I already have a stash of Habu.


Hope you're having a wonderful time! can't wait to see more of your makings by hand...that sweater pattern is going to be stunning in the Habu.


If I had gone on to get my doctorate, my dissertation was going to be something about the social aspects of knitting/crafting. That book looks like it would have been a help!


Oh I can't wait to see that completed piece! And here's to your wonderful time with your girls!


LOVE the Lola sweater. I saw it out "in the wild" when I was visiting Margene (actually the bright pink one on the Ravelry page there) and it was great. It's been hovering at the top of my "to-knit" list for awhile. (And . . . eagerly awaiting the AC package here, too!)

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