Weekending: Again

Ten on Tuesday: Kidnapped!

Ten on Tuesday:  Kidnapped! 10 TV Characters That I'd Want to Help Me

Covering the bases... who knows what kind of help I'd need!

1 - Elsbeth Tacioni - The Good Wife (lawyer)

2 - Hawkeye Pierce - M*A*S*H (funny doctor)

3 - Wonder Woman - Wonder Woman (super hero!)

4 - Dr. Doug Ross - ER (handsome doctor)

5 - Sally Hull McMillan (& husband) - McMillan & Wife (crime solvers)

6 - Steve McGarrett - Hawaii Five-0 (...)

7 - Mary Beth Lacey (& partner) - Cagney & Lacey (Tyne Daly, 'nuff said)

8 - Angus MacGyverMacGyver (everyone needs a MacGyver... why not the MacGyver!?)

9 - Sue Ann Nivens - The Mary Tyler Moore Show (tenacious as they come)

10 - Lucy RicardoI Love Lucy (gets out of pickles as easily as she gets in)



Love your thinking here! May you never need any of these anyplace outside the box they live in.


Oh yes, McMillan and Wife. I loved that show and Hart to Hart, too! Lucy is a perfect choice. PERFECT!


Love it! Elsbeth Tacioni is the best! I hope we get some more of her before the show ends!


I love that we have some common answers! SueAnn Nivens is a brilliant choice!


I was going with Hawkeye Pierce, too, but demoted him in favor of Dr. House. This is another great list of 70's icons - I think that was definitely a period of fantastic television.


I think your choices of Elsbeth Tacioni and Hawkeye are brilliant! Here's hoping you're never kidnapped but can maybe just invite them for dinner someday!


What a great list of rescuers! Sydney Bristow from Alias tops the list for me. :)


Oh, my gosh! Lucy! What a perfect addition! She really did get herself out of many, many scrapes.


I almost put Lucy Ricardo on my list! Carrie Bradshaw won out, though, for her mad cocktail skills. I'm definitely with you on Elsbeth Tacioni, love her!


Oh man, this is an awesome list! Wait... Dr. Doug Ross... oh my! And, Lucy!! You've got some 'splainin to do! Hahahahahaha!

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