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Ten on Tuesday: Outside

Ten on Tuesday:  10 Things I Love To Do Outside


1 - Hanging laundry on the line. My die-hard brother-in-law does it year-round, but I just can't... it's one of my favorite things in the world, though.


2 - Ride my bike. I've been slackin' the past few years. Aiming higher...


3 - Soak up the sun/daydream/watch my back yard world go by from the porch/deck/pergola.

4 - Eat & drink on the porch/deck/pergola.

6 - Knit & sew on the porch/deck/pergola.

6 - Read on the porch/deck/pergola.

7 - Take a walk.


8 - Do a little gardening/yard work now and then.

9 - Dyeing/Stenciling. At this point, much of that work is better accomplished outside where there's more room (and less stuff to be careful about accidentally dyeing).

10 - Putzing. There's no better place to putz than outside on a warm sunny day. It's like heaven.



Yes . . . times 10! :-)


Yes to all of this but especially #10!


I can't believe I forgot to list hanging laundry; it's one of my very favorite things also. You have the most elegant looking things on your line! There is no better place to putz, especially if you can spy some sweet forget-me-nots while doing it.


I totally forgot about hanging the laundry out! I just love how that smells.


It's all like heaven!! I love the smell of frozen laundry.


Laundry gets a huge yes from me! This is only topped by getting into a bed made with line dried sheets!! The smell is heavenly! Fantastic list :)


happy sigh. love everything about your list, but especially the laundry and the pergola.

Gale Zucker (she shoots sheep shots)

Agree agree. Can't wait for porch weather!


I miss hanging clothes out on the line. We got rid of ours a few years back. I need to replace this ASAP. Nothing like sleeping on sheets hung out to dry.

Robin F.

Your yard and porch are so inviting. No wonder you love to be out there.

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