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The Power of TACOS (and The Internet)

No internet for half the day during an office move, with messages from "beyond" like I've never seen before, is one legitimate reason for having a shitty day today.

Another very legitimate reason would be this:


It is April 8th... WTF?

But I was NOT having a shitty day. I was having NO PART OF THAT!

I was looking forward to tacos, a fundraiser that Kate held this evening in support of Black Mountain School.

OMG, TACOS!  I haven't had tacos in years -- possibly a dozen (or even more, considering that my youngest will soon be 25)! My hankering for a hard-shell taco has been steadily growing for  weeks!!

The internet issues were finally solved with a new modem/router (no thanks, really, to A T & T). And I made good progress in moving from temporary digs to a swanky new (not quite finished but well on the way) office area with storage and cabinetry the likes of which I never dared dream... all of which makes me quite happy.

And a taco for lunch! My friend & co-worker experiencing increased stress lately (for various reasons) possibly didn't quite hear me when I said that I was having tacos for dinner tonight, instead, apparently, subconsciously registering "TACOS" and bringing them for everyone at lunchtime today!

At peak hankering, I could not resist one (but did manage to resist the offer of a second...).

The snow might have put a damper on attendance at tonight's fundraiser, but the money raised is nothing to scoff at! The tacos were just as expected and quite satisfying, the beer was delicious and cold, and the company and conversation, with friends new and old, was quite lively and fun.

And so, the power of tacos (twice in one day!), restored internet, friends & good conversation... and swanky new digs.

Happy weekend, y'all!



Tacos for the win! Seriously. I love 'em!


Tacos ALWAYS beat snow. (Although this snow is beginning to beat me down. . . )


And now you have me craving tacos! They are so much better than the snow we are getting today :( so thank you for reminding me of the power of tacos (and beer)!


Mmmmmmmm, tacos.

Amy C

Oh yum! Tacos! One side benefit of tutoring people for their citizenship exams is the occasional gift of homemade deliciousness - chiles rellenos was the latest.
We also woke up to snow and 18 degrees. Brrrr.


Snow melts and spring cannot be far behind, can it? Your day sounds positively delicious!


Growing up in upstate NY, my parents always called the snow storms in April & May "Robin Snow" because the robins had returned and were there to stay and the snow wouldn't last.


Tacos, such an delicious treat! Even if it was a Taco Twos-day!

And, Snow... yes, well I can remember a year when we got over 8 inches of snow on my son's 3rd birthday which is May 8... so yeah. Sometimes Old Man Winter just does not want to give up!! Snow for Tulip Time in Holland, Michigan is not a rarity, sadly!

But, I agree - I am over it!


Hope your well on your way to getting settled into your new space...and starting to see signs of spring peeking out from the melting snow! also, tacos! I can't even remember the last time I had one in a hard shell...seasoned beef, grated cheese, chopped lettuce and tomato with a spoonful of sour cream... oh my!


Oh yum! Tacos. Now I know what's for dinner.

Could you let me know how to donate to Kate's fundraiser? Thanks.

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