Sewing and Knitting and Cooking and Sky-watching


I lunched & shopped & hung out with my sister on Saturday.


On Sunday, I FINISHED OUR TAXES (was finished with them, at any rate)! I also finished some overdue newborn photo work.


There are some major ch-ch-ch-changes happening at my workplace! Work has been going on for a while now, but is only directly affecting my space as of today. It's like working in a beehive around here! I hope to be nicely settling into the reworked/rearranged space by the end of the week. Fingers crossed.



FINISHING TAXES should always be in all caps, and hanging out with sisters is pretty darn good also!


I'm struck by the complete constrast in those two photos! Hope your new workspace gets up and running smoothly so you can get back to being productive!


I love taking newborn photos, I bet you do, too.

Amy C

Awwww - What sweet baby feet! And taxes?! Hooray for that. It's never as awful as I somehow fear it's going to be, but I procrastinate every year just the same.


The cuteness in those toes!

Gale Zucker (she shoots sheep shots)

As I sit here reading blogs, I am actively procrastinating on taxes. Yuck. So unrewarding.


My taxes are finished . . . but out for review at present. I'll pull the trigger and hit SUBMIT later this week. (Man, that feels good.)

Is that a faded bulletin board? It looks amazing.


omg, now that the election is [nearly] over, I need to do our taxes, too.


Gorgeous baby photo! And Yay for taxes being done, double yay if they are done and fairly painless :)


How very cool to have a new space of your own in the office!
The baby photo is one of the sweetest ever!

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