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Ten on Tuesday: Summer Bucket List

Ten on Tuesday:  10 Things On My Summer Bucket List

With Gin's birth, I've been reminded of the herb garden I put in the summer that I got pregnant with Maddy. She was born in April and for the next six or seven years, I watched it transform/revert to a "wildflower" garden -- which is how I sometimes like to think of my weeds -- and I didn't even have a job outside of home for five of those years!

My friend Birdsong commented the other day that some of her hobbies have suffered since she became a grandmother, and I certainly agree. Though I wouldn't change a single thing; I know how fortunate I am to have those kids close enough that I am actively involved in their lives.

And, Robby, I have taken your comment on this post completely to heart: I would also say you get a total pass on however much you do or don't knit for your grandkids. It's great if you do, but you give them the much more valuable gift of your time, having a sense of being part of a larger family and more people who love them just because they exist. If every kid got only those things, our world would be a kinder place.

I would love to knit more and dye more (both fabric & yarn) this summer, sew and stitch and quilt more, read more, cook more, clean more... um, WHAT? No! Scratch that, I definitely don't want to clean more! Time is precious.

This summer, I want to:

1 -- Play with Junah

2 -- Cuddle with Gin

3 -- Get a BINGO!

4 -- Sew a dress for Gin (and maybe one for me)

5 -- Take a day trip to Door County

6 -- Stitch on my Magdalena A-line Tunic

7 -- Finish Romi's 2016 "Mystery" Shawl

8 -- Finish Kirsten's 2016 Mystery KAL Shawl (while it's still a mystery!)

9 -- Finish Ina's LOLA Sweater in time for late-summer/fall layering

10 -- Go to the zoo! There's a nice, small zoo not far from us, and Jün is the perfect age! This would be fun to do along with my nephews, too.

What's on your summer bucket list?



Great list and I especially like how your grandkids occupy the top two spots. I treasure the wonderful relationship I had with my maternal grandmother. I think of her every day and am so grateful for all the things she taught me that helped me become the person I am today. Time is precious and grandparents are very important parts of their grandchildrens' lives!


Your summer is going to be full of all good things! I foresee a lot of wonderful experiences, created memories, and joy! Nothing could be better than that.


Sounds like a very full summer. Good luck with BINGO!

kathy b

Read H is for Hawk. .IN large print. Just picked it up from LIbrary.

Practice letting go . Giving up control.
Practice being quieter. Listening more.
THese are interrelated. I need a mantra so I really work on this. Maybe just HUSH. I'll tell myself HUSH

Knit a necklace.

Sleep on my screened porch a few times

Get back UP NORTH


A wonderful list with a great mix of fun things!


I love this list! Especially the stitching things! And Bingo! I am working on mine :)


What a GREAT list -- setting yourself up for a perfect summer! :-)


Sounds like a wonderful summer plan. And being summer, you are also authorized to wander off that path if something else catches your eye.

My previous comment just came out of thinking of how lucky I was to get those things from my parents, and watch them do the same for my sister's kids.


Thank you so much for sharing that comment - those are words I need to take to heart as well! That said, sewing dresses (for both you and Gin) sounds like a wonderful project that will bring you plenty of joy and satisfaction. Happy Summer, Vicki!


What a lovely list. I love all the knitting projects you've got lined up.

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