Eye Candy Friday
The American Thanksgiving


...it's WINTER.


We had our first snowfall (not amounting to much) of the season in the wee hours of the morning. More significant is the 30-degree difference between yesterday's high temp (mid-60F) and today's. And wind... oh, brrrrr, that wind!


Very late last winter, there was a small rip in one of the seams on the back of my jacket that I hadn't got around to fixing. One morning, on my way out of the coffee shop, the door handle got caught in that small rip and suddenly it was A HUGE GAPING HOLE! I finally got around to fixing it last weekend -- you know, before I actually needed to wear my winter jacket -- and I am very glad I did. Mending is not my favorite thing, but I've a new appreciation since I began hand-sewing some of my own clothing -- and some things are really worth fixing!

Jacket, earmuffs, and Squad Mitts are called for today!



Mending is one of those things that I'm never thrilled about while I'm doing it, but usually so very glad that I did it once it's done. Glad you have a fixed winter coat!


Once I started quilting (while working full time), my mother thought "She likes to sew, I'll give her all my mending." Nope. I dutifully did some, but reminded her that she taught me how to mend. When she said she thought I liked 'sewing', I advised her that asking a quilter to mend is like asking Picasso to paint your bathroom. She was a little offended, but quit trying to get me to use my very limited creative time on her mending.

Oh, and winter arrived here on Thursday with a high of 37*, down from 80* the day before. Ugh!


It was 63 here this afternoon. Went for a long walk. Then the winds came and the temps dropped 30 in 2 hours and we had sleet. Crazy fall weather.


Crazy Fall weather indeed! It was nearly 80 on Friday, then 50-something and windy yesterday... and this morning it's 34 (feels like 27 with the wind). Kind of wishing I had new Squad Mitts to wear, too!


Mending and tailoring are so different than sewing but good for you for getting your coat fixed. It's snowing in the western part of MA today but it's not supposed to come our way, thank goodness.


I just hate mending. I'm not exactly sure why . . . but my mending pile just sits there and makes me feel guilty! We had snow pretty much all day yesterday, but - thankfully - the ground is still too warm for it to stick. Just a little on the roofs and some on the grass. But, oh my goodness. . . the COLD.


Your storm is exactly as it was when it visited us, but we bounced right back to unseasonable warmth. Winter's visit was short-lived!


70's here on Friday and 30's here today with bitterly cold wind chills. Hello Winter! I almost forgot what you are like!


Well, snowflakes may not have fallen in Carole's part of Massachusetts, but here in the northeast corner, near the NH line, we had enough to put a light coating on the grass, the cars and the deck. Thurs. & Friday temps were about 60; today temps fell all day until it snowed, and Monday & Tuesday, wind chills will make it feel like the 30's

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