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Balance & Peace & Giving

It's been a week since Election Day and my stomach is still in knots. I'm grateful to Kym for sharing her Little Bits of Good action list; hopefully, in numbers and over time, we can be heard and make a difference. I don't have a lot of money or free time for extra-curriculars, but I'll be doing what I can -- making contributions, continuing subscriptions, calling out racism when I see it, writing letters and making phone calls to let the people elected to represent me know how I feel. Represent!

Alarming thought:
Am I turning into my dad???

I do not want to be angry and bitter! I need to be strong, diligent, watchful and heard... but I need not be consumed. I need to take care of myself, my family, my home. I need...

Balance. (Kym! How lucky are we that she is so thoughtful, eloquent, and willing to share... and that it's NaBloPoMo, so there's something everyday!!)


And Peace. Christina Campbell's Project Peace 2016 is an effort to share and help spread ideas on how to choose peace. A simple cowl pattern (free download through 12/21) meant to be knit over the course of 21 days, is accompanied by 21 daily tips. I am in!!

(A March Through Time, Christina's cowl pattern from last year's Knit-/Walk-Along, is still one of my favorites! It's freshly washed, blocked, and ready to go... whenever something more than a light jacket & scarf is needed.)

And also Giving. It's go-time for the MDK Giftalong! I already have a couple of gift-knits for the kiddos on the needles.

In a broader sense, though, I noticed over the weekend that the Salvation Army bell-ringers are out (and Santa's at the mall -- I am down for Christmas this year, and maybe it's our unseasonably warm weather, but wow -- doesn't it seem EARLY for Santa??) anyway... for starters, I vow to give something every time I pass a red bucket this year.


Amy C

Oh yes, my stomach! I worry and fear for us all, but especially for my friends who are LGBT, undocumented, and/or of color. And then I think that my worry and fear is not one tenth of theirs. I can't do enough. I don't have enough money or time, but I can be very mindful of where I spend my money, and find a way to give to organizations which are well positioned to make a difference. Christmas presents this year will be hand knitted items (as always) but also donations to SPLC, Planned Parenthood, and the ACLU among others.
The cowl knitalong will help slow down that squeaky hamster wheel of panicky despair that wakes me up and won't stop.


I've been heartsick all week long. It's been hard to find the good and positive out of all of this. Seeing so many bloggers talking about their feeling and also what we can do about the state of the world has really helped. Turning toward social action and staying connected seems like such a good place to start.


I put money in the red bucket last night for the first time this season. And I always do because my mom taught me to do it and I think of her whenever I give. I hear you on finding balance and couldn't agree more on how lucky we are to have Kym as part of our knitting and blogging community. I'm going to my first Democratic Town Committee meeting tonight. It's scary to join something new but I feel like I have to participate and I can't sit back and expect others to do all the work.


Thanks! I usually don't do knit-alongs but I need peace about now. This election threw me for a mighty loop.


No, to the angry and bitter. Yes, to action and giving. Yes, to friends, family, and LOVE. Yes to vigilance, but no to fear. My heart and soul can't take the fear. I will move forward in action and try to lose the fear.


Kym has brought us so much! (For a long time! ) My parents used to ring the bell so I'm a giver there. I'm going to try to find something special to do this season though...that requires my time and energy. Gotta put it to good use. (Not sitting in the chair scrolling through something mindless!)


I also do not want to be angry and bitter, and that is something I've really had to be mindful of this past week. That's part of why I'm so looking forward to Project Peace. Almost any knitting is peaceful, but this feels like something special that I desperately need. Cultivating peace within, donations to PP, ACLU, and SPLC, and starting literacy tutoring next week are a beginning ...


I love the energy emanating from all the knitters - I do believe we can move mountains. and warm some heads and hands while we're at it.


So many of us all knotted up - knitting for peace will be good and what a tribe we are assembling!


I, like you, am limited on what I can give monetarily, however, I am doing what I can. I also will join you in writing letters - and giving my elected officials a kind reminder that I am one of their constituents. I think the squeaky wheel will be my alter-ego. :)

Kill them with kindness - and an abundance of it!

One thing to note - snail mail is horrendously slow at the national level. All members of congress have online email forms that make it easy to contact them. I have book marked all the necessary pages!


We can make a difference together!


I love the cowl idea! I was a bit hesitant about jumping in, but four repeats a day should be manageable with other Christmas knitting.


This post is very calming and galvanizing; just what I needed to hear.


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