The (Knitting) List

Close up

One of the "Awesome Christmas presents" currently on the needles.


Big yarn. Big needles. Quick knitting. Still a bit of fiddly finishing.

There is time.



Big yarn and big needles are awesome when you want some faster gratification. I was so happy and relieved to see that Maddy is safe. May your knitting calm you and may Maddy and everyone else in NZ stay safe.


Glad I read the comment above. I was concerned about Maddie. I have been reading her blog on her travels. What a brave young woman. i know you are a world traveler yourself, but We still worry about our kids no matter how old they are! Hope all continues to go well.


I was wondering about Maddy, too - so glad to see Bonny's comment. And to know that you have some good knitting to keep your hands busy (knitting is the best for times like these!)


It's not even mid-November. Plenty of time!


Looking forward to seeing what you are knitting for the little ones! Maddy is in my heart!

gale zucker/she shoots sheep shots

I'm still the fingering and worsted stage of gift knitting. Bulky stage starts around December 22nd. Not that I wait for the last minute or anything.....

Robin F.

Happy that Maddy is safe. She must get her braveness from you. Knitting calms the soul and has the benefit of providing useful items. Unlike baking which also calms me but how much bread can I eat!


I am so glad that Maddy is safe! And, instant gratification knitting FTW! XOXO


Nice! XO

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